In its last act of generosity, the United Way of Prince Edward County made donations to three local organizations.
The donations to FACES, the SPCA, and Meals on Wheels will be the last by the organization that voted in May to cease over 50 years of community service.
The board allocated $1,000 to the SPCA and will divide what is left after whatever expenses there may be between the two other organizations.
The website now tells visitors of the decision to dissolve, and notes that the United Way of Prince Edward County “is very grateful to have served our community for many years,” and hopes “that you continue to find new and amazing ways to support our community.”
Over the last few years, the all-volunteer board has sporadically discussed ceasing operation, merging with another locality such as Lynchburg, or dropping its affiliation with the United Way and reverting to a community chest.  
In the end, the issue was one faced nationally as various United Way’s across the country have struggled with the question of their need and significance as people increasingly give to specific causes and organizations instead of sending money to a catch-all funneling effort.
And while some board members argued the United Way handled fundraising for some of the smaller local organizations that don’t have the staff to do much of their own, the 11-member voted unanimously to shutdown.
The last couple of years have been particularly difficult for the United Way as fundraising efforts have been stymied as the pandemic has shutdown many of the organization’s fundraising avenues. The organization’s letter campaign was it’s only fundraiser, and its only other event would have the Third Annual Great Farmville Duck Derby.

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