Prince Edward Supervisors Approve 4% Property Tax Hike

Prince Edward County Supervisors have approved a 47-cent tax rate for the upcoming budget year. That’s about a 4 percent increase over the rate set for this year’s budget. A homeowner with a 200-thousand dollar home would have paid $1020 in county property taxes for 2020. That amount would increase to $1111 for this budget year. The vote for the increase was not unanimous. It passed on a 5-3 vote.

2 Comments on “Prince Edward Supervisors Approve 4% Property Tax Hike”

  1. Tax hike…What about our poor Seniors who are on a fixed income and trying to keep up this is ridiculous, Remember we only get one check a month…Adding more taxes, after all Senior should receive discount not increase in taxes, not pay more which We are catching hell now trying to pay…Not Fair….We need a tax break please,..

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