The majority of Prince Edward County is without power and depending on location and damage, restoration could take several days. Trees and power lines are down and there are many road closures. If you do not have to be out on the roads, stay home. Crews are working on cleaning up the damage and repairing electric poles throughout the County. Please call 911 to notify the Town and County of downed lines or trees.

The County and the Town of Farmville have made arrangements to provide access to water and charging stations for citizens.

The following Volunteer Fire Department locations will be open from 7AM-7PM Friday, Saturday and Sunday for public use of outdoor spickets AND indoor charging of electronics: Darlington Heights (2673 Darlington Heights Road, Pamplin) and Meherrin (102 Moores Ordinary Road, Meherrin) Volunteer Fire Departments.

Farmville (100 W. Third Street, Farmville), Pamplin (2394 Pamplin Road, Pamplin), Hampden-Sydney (182 South Boundary Road, Hampden-Sydney) and Rice (948 Rice’s Depot Road, Rice) Volunteer Fire Departments will be open from 7AM-7PM Friday, Saturday and Sunday for use of outdoor spickets ONLY. Prospect (45 Campbell Hill Road, Prospect) Volunteer Fire Department will be open today until 7PM for water and charging with further times to be determined.

Water spickets are located throughout the Town of Farmville for public use at the following locations: South Main and Graham Street, North Main Street and the “Welcome to Farmville” sign, East Third Street at Persimmon Tree and the “Welcome to Farmville” sign.

The Southside Virginia YMCA (580 Commerce Road, Farmville) will be open for all residents to utilize showers and running water (membership not required). Their hours are Friday until 8PM, Saturday 7AM-5PM, and Sunday 1PM-5PM.


General Safety Info:

If flooding should occur, do not walk, swim or drive through flood waters. Turn around; don’t drown! Six inches of fast-moving water can knock a person down and one foot can sweep a vehicle away. Stay off bridges over fast-moving water. Do now allow children to play near flood water. Avoid all contact with flood water, as it may be contaminated.

If you are using a generator, be sure to keep it outside your house (this includes your garage). Generators should be 20 feet from the home at all times and should be kept dry. This is to not only protect you from fire or electrocution, but also carbon monoxide poisoning.



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