Chris Wood, Francis Wood, Chris Brochon

Chris Wood, Francis Wood, Chris Brochon

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Chris Brochon’s Word of the Day. If you come across or know some great words, send them to me at

9/17/2021: supererogation- the act of performing more than is required by duty, obligation, or need

9/16/2021: delineate- to describe,  portray, or indicate precisely

9/15/2021: fulcrum- the pivot but which something turns, supports, or sustains

9/14/2021: guffaw- a very loud laugh

9/13/2021: paragon- 1) a model of excellence 2) a size of printer’s type approximately equal to 20 point

9/10/2021: diachronic- a phenomenon through time

9/9/2021: punctilio- strict attention to the minute points of etiquette

9/8/2021: paroxysm- an uncontrollable outburst

9/7/2021: harbinger- 1) something that foreshadows the future 2) one that initiates a major change

9/6/2021: tortuous- full of twists and turns

9/3/2021: sparagmos- the rending, or tearing to pieces of a live victim

9/2/2021: aquiline- having a curved or hooked shape; like an eagle’s beak

9/1/2021: isochronous- occurring at the same time

8/31/2021: lucubrate- to work, write, or study late at night

8/30/2021: scourge – a whip used as an instrument of punishment or the act of punishment

8/27/2021: profundity- great depth

8/26/2021: evanescence- the process of gradually vanishing

8/25/2021: finitude- the state or quality of being limited or finite

8/24/2021: aleatory- dependent on chance

8/23/2021: encomium – a formal expression of praise

8/20/2021: irrefragable- not be to be denied or refuted

8/19/2021: refection- food or drink taken after a period of hunger or fatigue

8/18/2021: eidolon- an insubstantial image; a phantom

8/17/2021: winnow- to separate by means of wind or air; or to blow upon or fan

8/16/2021: viand-  type of food, esp, a delicacy

8/13/2021: hypocoristic- endearing; as in a pet name or a diminutive

8/12/2021: extant- still in existence,  surviving

8/11/2021: arras- a rich tapestry hung on a wall in a room

8/10/2021: convivial- sociable,  jovial, or festive

8/9/2021: adjure- to command, often by exacting an oath

8/6/2021: compendious- containing or stating the essentials of a subject in a concise form

8/5/2021: percipient- perceptive

8/4/2021: ethos- a distinguishing chracteristic, sentiment, moral nature, or guiding belief of a person,  group, or institution

8/3/2021: mores- the fixed morally binding customs, attitudes, or habits of a particular group

8/2/2021: betide- to happen or befall

7/30/2021: pulchritudinous- having physical beauty

7/29/2021: aver- to state, confirm, or assert firmly to be the case

7/28/2021: entelechy- the actualization of potentiality

7/27/2021: ensconce- establish or settle in a comfortable, safe, or secret place

7/26/2021: mentation- mental activity

7/16/2021: obstreperous- noisy and resisting restraint or control

7/15/2021: purview- the scope of, breadth of, or range of an operation or understanding

7/14/2021: tyro- a beginner or novice

7/13/2021: paucity- smallness in quantity or number; or an insufficiency

7/12/2021: evince- to make evident, to show clearly

7/9/2021: asynchronous- not simultaneous or concurrent in time

7/8/2021: indolent- (1) lazy or idle; (2) causing
Iittle pain

7/7/2021: patulous- spreading widely, gaping or expanded

7/6/2021: ultimo- in or during the last month

7/5/2021: osculate- to kiss

7/2/2021: crepuscular- of, relating to, or resembling twilight

7/1/2021: effulgent- glowing with a radiant light

6/30/2021: operose- involving or displaying much effort

6/29/2021: opsimath- a person who learns late in life

6/28/2021: pied- having markings of two or more colors

6/25/2021: inosculate- to unite or be united so as to be continuous; I.E. to intertwine or blend

6/24/2021: burgeon- to sprout, develop, or grow rapidly

6/23/2021: efface- to obliterate or to make inconspicuous

6/22/2021: quiddity- a distinctive feature or peculiarity

6/21/2021: scintilla- a minute amount, a trace or particle

6/18/2021: consanguineous- having the same ancestry or descent

6/17/2021: rejoinder- a reply, esp. a sharp, witty one

6/16/2021: timorous- timid, shy, or fearful

6/15/2021: astir- in a state of excited movement

6/14/2021: cajole- to persuade someone by flattery or pleasing talk to do what one wants

6/11/2021: gustatory- having to do with tasting or a sense of taste

6/10/2021: noisome- offensive in smell; noxious

6/9/2021: equanimity- calmness of mind or temper

6/8/2021: rapacious- extremely greedy or practicing pillaging

6/7/2021: tarry- to stay longer than intended; to delay leaving a place

6/4/2021: perspicacious- highly perceptive, discerning, or shrewd

6/3/2021: refection- a refreshment, I.e. a light meal or snack

6/2/2021: pigsney- one especially cherished, a sweetheart;  term of endearment

6/1/2021: abstruse- obscure or difficult to understand

5/31/2021: stalwart- loyal, reliable, hardworking, sturdy

5/28/2021: mendacious- not telling the truth; lying

5/27/2021: equble- (of a person) not easily disturbed or angered; (of a thing) not varying or fluctuating greatly

5/26/2021: vitriolic- harsh or bitter in tone or highly corrosive

5/25/2021: redolent- aromatic; filled with scent

5/24/2021: canard- an unfounded rumor or story

5/21/2021: redoubtable- formidble; esp. as an opponent

5/20/2021: jaunty- self-confident, cheerful, and sprightly

5/19/2021: benignity- a good deed or act of kindness

5/18/2021: stodge- 1) heavy, filling, starchy food or 2) a dull, boring person or subject

5/17/2021: puckish- playfully mischievous

5/14/2021: corrigendum- a thing to be corrected; typically an error in a printed medium

5/13/2021: officious- 1) being overly aggressive 2) offering unwanted help or services

5/12/2021: parlous- full of danger or uncertainty

5/10/2021: fervid- intensely enthusiastic or passionate, esp. to an excessive degree

5/7/2021: imprimatur- a person’s official approval or guarantee

5/6/2021: otiose- having no useful or practical purpose

5/5/2021: embarcadero- pier, wharf, or docking place

5/4/2021: raillery- good humored teasing or light hearted satire

5/3/2021: enervate- to cause to feel drained of energy or vitality

4/30/2021: cicerone- a guide who gives information about antiquities and places of interest to sightseers

4/29/2021: dour- sullen, hard, or obstinate

4/28/2021: apotropaic- preventing or intended to prevent evil

4/27/2021: umbrage- offense or annoyance

4/26/2021: bilk- to thwart, cheat, elude, or swindle

4/23/2021: pejorative- expressing contempt or disapproval

4/22/2021: cogent- clear, logical, and convincing

4/21/2021: eucatastrophe- a sudden favorable resolution of events, I.e. a happy ending

4/20/2021: ambrosial- exceptionally pleasing to taste or smell

4/19/2021: micawber- one who is poor but lives in optimistic expectation of better fortune

4/16/2021: bumfuzzle- to confuse or fluster

4/15/2021: peregrinate- to travel or journey, especially to walk by foot

4/14/2021: concomitant- accompanied or associated with

4/3/2021: aglet: the metal or plastic tube fixed around the end of a shoelace

4/12/2021: hypothimia- profound melancholy

4/9/2021: hesternopothia- the pathological yearning for the  “good old days”

4/8/2021: tomfoolery- a silly act, matter, or thing

4/7/2021: anaphora- the use of a word replacing a word used earlier to avoid repetition

4/6/2021: apanthropy- the aversion to human company or the love of solitude

4/5/2021: oeillade- an amorous glance, or ogle

4/2/2021: inextricably- in a way that is unable to be separated or disentangled

4/1/2021: galimatias- confused or unintelligible talk

3/31/2021: thanatosis- the process by which one feigns in order to evade unwelcome attention

3/30/2021: nimiety- the state of being more than necessary or desirable

3/29/2021: mammonism- the greedy pursuit of riches

3/19/2021: orexigenic-  that which whets the appetite

3/18/2021: prolixity- unduly prolonged or drawn out ; marked by an excess of words

3/17/2021: pensive- thinking deeply or seriously

3/16/2021: galeanthropy- the delusion in which one believes they have become a cat

3/15/2021: effluvium- an intangible emanation

3/10/2021: doggo- in hiding or remain motionless to escape detection

3/9/2021: tyro- a beginner or novice

3/8/2021: overmorrow- the day after tomorrow

3/5/2021: saxicolous- living or growing among rocks

3/4/2021: waul- a loud plaintive cry like that of a cat

3/3/2021: rigidulous- slightly stiff

3/2/2021: hackande- troublesome

2/26/2021: glabella- the space between the eyebrows

2/25/2021: pantophagy- being omnivorous

2/24/2021: acyrologia- the inexact, innappropriate, or improper use of a word

2/23/2021: oligotrophia- luck of nourishment

2/22/2021: auscultation- the action of listening to sound from the heart, lungs or other organs; typically with a stethoscope

2/19/2021: interregnum- an interval or pause between two periods

2/17/2021: invective- insulting, abusive, or highly critical language

2/16/2021: choler- anger or irascibility

2/15/2021: aping- to copy someone or something

2/12/2021: chionophobia- the intense fear of snow

2/11/2021: iniquitous- grossly unfair or morally wrong

2/10/2021: matriculate- (1) to record in an official register (2) to be enrolled at a college or university

2/9/2021: perfunctory- carried out with minimum effort or reflection

2/8/2021: acolyte- an assistant or follower

2/5/2021: recrudescence- the recurrence of an undesirable condition

2/4/2021: abjure- to solemnly renounce

2/3/2021: festinate- to hurry or be hasty

2/2/2021: oculogyric- eye-rolling

1/29/2021: extraforaneous- outdoors

1/28/2021: necromimesis- the mental state in which the sufferer believes themselves to be dead

1/27/2021: mangelwurzel- any root vegetable; primarily one grown as cattle fodder

1/26/2021: peripatetic- walking or moving about; not staying in one place; itinerant

1/25/2021: demotic- denoting the language used by ordinary people; colloquial

1/22/2021: extravasate- to cause to escape into the surrounding area from its proper vessel; to exude

1/21/2021: penurious- extremely poor, poverty-stricken

1/20/2021: detestation- intense dislike

1/19/2021: loganamnosis- the mania of trying to recall forgotten words

1/18/2021: lethologica- the inability to recall words

1/15/2021: amelioration- the act of making something better

1/14/2021:  spoonerism- the transposition of initial sounds or letters of two or more words

1/13/2021: concomitant- naturally accompanying or associated

1/12/2021: introject- to incorporate ideas of others or objects

1/11/2021: duplicity- deceitfulness or double-dealing

1/8/2021: hyperhedonia- the condition in which abnormally high pleasure is derived from activities that are intrinsically tedious

1/7/2021: sequacious- subservient obedience bordering on slavish willingness to blindly follow without thought

1/6/2021: haptodysphoria- the unpleasant  feeling experienced by people when touching certain surfaces

1/5/2021: ecdysis- the shedding of ones outer layer

1/4/2021: posit: (v) to assume as a fact (n) a statement made on the assumption it will prove to be true

1/1/2021: pejorative- expression of contempt or disapproval