Chris Wood, Francis Wood, Chris Brochon

Chris Wood, Francis Wood, Chris Brochon

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Chris Brochon’s Word of the Day. If you come across or know some great words, send them to me at

12/31/2021: quondam- that which once was

12/30/2021: corybantic- wild or frenzied

12/29/2021: inspirit- encourage and enliven

12/28/2021: dynamism- being characterized by vigorous activity and progress

12/27/2021: frabjous- delightful or joyous

12/24/2021: fulsome- 1) complimentary to an excessive degree, 2) of a size that is large, generous, or abundant

12/23/2021: acuity- sharpness or keenness of thought, vision, or hearing

12/22/2021: variegate- alter in appearance,  especially by adding different colors

12/21/2021: lucubrate- to write or study;  especially at night

12/20/2021: roborant- something that has a restorative or strengthening effect

12/17/2021: prosopography-  a person’s description by social, familial, career, etc.

12/16/2021: wonted- habitual or usual

12/15/2021: bolide- a large meteor which explodes in the atmosphere

12/14/2021: matutinal- of or occuing in the morning

12/13/2021: flitch- 1) a slab of timber cut from the outside of a tree 2)  side of bacon

12/10/2021: armamentarium- the medicines and equipment or weapons and equipment in a practitioner’s possession

12/9/2021: ramify- to branch out, spread, or form offshoots

12/8/2021: suss- to realize, mentally grasp, or discover the true character or nature of

12/7/2021: punctilious- concerned with strict adherence to rules and codes of conduct

12/6/2021: illation- the act of inferring

12/3/2021: ailurophile- a lover of cats

12/2/2021: canalize- to convey through a duct or channel

12/1/2021: transmogrify- to transform in a surprising or magical manner

11/30/2021: recondite- little known or obscure

11/29/2021: inimitable- unique and beyond imitation;  impossible to duplicate

11/26/2021: delphic- deliberately obscure or ambiguous

11/24/2021: izzat- honor or prestige

11/23/2021: germinal- in the earliest stages of development

11/22/2021: curvet- a graceful or energetic leap

11/19/2021: epiphenomenon-  secondary effect or byproduct that rises from but does not influence  the process or event

11/18/2021: garniture- a set of decorative accessories

11/17/2021: anadromous- migrating up rivers to spawn

11/16/2021: sthenic- having a high or excessive level or strength or energy

11/15/2021: pelmatogram- a footprint

11/12/2021: daedal- skillful or intricate

11/11/2021: curtail- to reduce in extent or quantity or to impose a restriction on

11/10/2021: tinctorial- relating to dyeing, coloring, or staining

11/9/2021: haecceity- the property of being a unique and individual thing

11/8/2021: conation- the mental faculty of purpose, desire, or the will to perform an action

11/5/2021: aporia- doubt, professed or real, about what to do or say

11/4/2021: artificer- a skilled craftsman, or clever inventive designer

11/3/2021: ablution- bathing or the act of washing something

11/2/2021: trig- neat and smart in appearance

11/1/2021: assay- 1) to determine the content or quality of 2) to examine to assess the nature of

10/29/2021: univocal- a word or term having only one possible meaning

10/27/2021: sedulous- showing dedication and diligence

10/26/2021: oology- the bench of ornithology which studies bird eggs and nesting behavior

10/25/2021: fillip- something which acts as a stimulus or boost to an activity

10/ 22/2021: appanage- a natural or customary accompaniment to a job, title, or position

10/21/2021: flinders- small fragments or splinters

10/20/2021: butyraceous- of or like butter

10/19/2021: syncretize- to combine or attempt to the characteristics, beliefs, or practices of differing religions or philosophies

10/18/2021: erumpent- bursting out or through an overlying structure

10/15/2021: latitudinarian- one who shows no preference among the varying creeds and forms of worship

10/14/2021: hispid- covered with stiff hair or bristles

10/13/2021: lucullan- extremely luxurious, usually used to describe food

10/12/2021: kine- the double plural of cow or cattle

10/11/2021: stridulate- to make a sound by rubbing parts of the body together

10/8/2021: esemplastic- making into one; unifying

10/7/2021: benison- a blessing

10/6/2021: athwart- from one side to another,  or in opposition to

10/5/2021: roborant- tending to fortify or increase strength

10/4/2021: rimose- having a surface marked by a network of intersecting cracks

10/1/2021: prepossessing- creating a favorable impression;  attractive

9/30/2021: immanent- existing within; inherent

9/29/2021: uxorious- excessively attached to or dependent on one’s wife

9/28/2021: sinology- the study of Chinese history, language, and/or culture

9/27/2021: avidity- eagerness or greed; the state of being so

9/24/2021: salubrious- health-giving or healthy; i.e. not run down

9/23/2021: scumble- to soften or blend layers

9/22/2021: cozenge- the practice of deception or trickery

9/21/2021: burnish- to make or become shiny or smooth by friction,  I.e. to polish

9/20/2021: rimple- to form into small folds; to wrinkle; to cause to ripple

9/17/2021: supererogation- the act of performing more than is required by duty, obligation, or need

9/16/2021: delineate- to describe,  portray, or indicate precisely

9/15/2021: fulcrum- the pivot but which something turns, supports, or sustains

9/14/2021: guffaw- a very loud laugh

9/13/2021: paragon- 1) a model of excellence 2) a size of printer’s type approximately equal to 20 point

9/10/2021: diachronic- a phenomenon through time

9/9/2021: punctilio- strict attention to the minute points of etiquette

9/8/2021: paroxysm- an uncontrollable outburst

9/7/2021: harbinger- 1) something that foreshadows the future 2) one that initiates a major change

9/6/2021: tortuous- full of twists and turns

9/3/2021: sparagmos- the rending, or tearing to pieces of a live victim

9/2/2021: aquiline- having a curved or hooked shape; like an eagle’s beak

9/1/2021: isochronous- occurring at the same time

8/31/2021: lucubrate- to work, write, or study late at night

8/30/2021: scourge – a whip used as an instrument of punishment or the act of punishment

8/27/2021: profundity- great depth

8/26/2021: evanescence- the process of gradually vanishing

8/25/2021: finitude- the state or quality of being limited or finite

8/24/2021: aleatory- dependent on chance

8/23/2021: encomium – a formal expression of praise

8/20/2021: irrefragable- not be to be denied or refuted

8/19/2021: refection- food or drink taken after a period of hunger or fatigue

8/18/2021: eidolon- an insubstantial image; a phantom

8/17/2021: winnow- to separate by means of wind or air; or to blow upon or fan

8/16/2021: viand-  type of food, esp, a delicacy

8/13/2021: hypocoristic- endearing; as in a pet name or a diminutive

8/12/2021: extant- still in existence,  surviving

8/11/2021: arras- a rich tapestry hung on a wall in a room

8/10/2021: convivial- sociable,  jovial, or festive

8/9/2021: adjure- to command, often by exacting an oath

8/6/2021: compendious- containing or stating the essentials of a subject in a concise form

8/5/2021: percipient- perceptive

8/4/2021: ethos- a distinguishing chracteristic, sentiment, moral nature, or guiding belief of a person,  group, or institution

8/3/2021: mores- the fixed morally binding customs, attitudes, or habits of a particular group

8/2/2021: betide- to happen or befall

7/30/2021: pulchritudinous- having physical beauty

7/29/2021: aver- to state, confirm, or assert firmly to be the case

7/28/2021: entelechy- the actualization of potentiality

7/27/2021: ensconce- establish or settle in a comfortable, safe, or secret place

7/26/2021: mentation- mental activity

7/16/2021: obstreperous- noisy and resisting restraint or control

7/15/2021: purview- the scope of, breadth of, or range of an operation or understanding

7/14/2021: tyro- a beginner or novice

7/13/2021: paucity- smallness in quantity or number; or an insufficiency

7/12/2021: evince- to make evident, to show clearly

7/9/2021: asynchronous- not simultaneous or concurrent in time

7/8/2021: indolent- (1) lazy or idle; (2) causing
Iittle pain

7/7/2021: patulous- spreading widely, gaping or expanded

7/6/2021: ultimo- in or during the last month

7/5/2021: osculate- to kiss

7/2/2021: crepuscular- of, relating to, or resembling twilight

7/1/2021: effulgent- glowing with a radiant light

6/30/2021: operose- involving or displaying much effort

6/29/2021: opsimath- a person who learns late in life

6/28/2021: pied- having markings of two or more colors

6/25/2021: inosculate- to unite or be united so as to be continuous; I.E. to intertwine or blend

6/24/2021: burgeon- to sprout, develop, or grow rapidly

6/23/2021: efface- to obliterate or to make inconspicuous

6/22/2021: quiddity- a distinctive feature or peculiarity

6/21/2021: scintilla- a minute amount, a trace or particle

6/18/2021: consanguineous- having the same ancestry or descent

6/17/2021: rejoinder- a reply, esp. a sharp, witty one

6/16/2021: timorous- timid, shy, or fearful

6/15/2021: astir- in a state of excited movement

6/14/2021: cajole- to persuade someone by flattery or pleasing talk to do what one wants

6/11/2021: gustatory- having to do with tasting or a sense of taste

6/10/2021: noisome- offensive in smell; noxious

6/9/2021: equanimity- calmness of mind or temper

6/8/2021: rapacious- extremely greedy or practicing pillaging

6/7/2021: tarry- to stay longer than intended; to delay leaving a place

6/4/2021: perspicacious- highly perceptive, discerning, or shrewd

6/3/2021: refection- a refreshment, I.e. a light meal or snack

6/2/2021: pigsney- one especially cherished, a sweetheart;  term of endearment

6/1/2021: abstruse- obscure or difficult to understand