Chris Wood, Francis Wood, Chris Brochon

Chris Wood, Francis Wood, Chris Brochon

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4/7/2020: hygeiolatry- worship of health or excessive devotion to hygiene

4/6/2020: puerility- a state of childishness or boyishness

4/3/2020: acceptilation- the settlement of a debt without payment

4/2/2020: galimatias- nonsense or gibberish

4/1/2020: feretory- a shrine for relics carried in procession

3/31/2020: discontiguous- disconnected or without contact

3/30/2020: harbinger- a person or thing that shows that something is going to happen, especially something bad

3/27/2020: acedia- world weariness

3/26/2020: auricle- the earlobe, or another name for the atrium of the heart

3/24/2020: benedight- worthy of deep reverence or made consecrated

3/23/2020: canescent- to grow white

3/20/2020: gerundive- a verbal adjective noting the obligation or worthiness of the action

3/19/2020: accrete- to grow by accumulation or coalescence

3/18/2020: obstreperous- noisy and difficult to control

3/17/2020: susurus- whispering, murmuring, or rustling

3/16/2020: threnody- a ode, song, or poem of mourning; a lamentation

3/13/2020: defoedation- to pollute or make filthy

3/12/2020: antediluvian- before the flood;  used to describe as old or old-fashioned

3/11/2020: anfractuous- intricate or circuitous

3/10/2020: xenogenous- due to an outside cause

3/9/2020: ventose- full of wind, I.e. flatulence

3/6/2020: tiddledies- chunks of floating ice which have broken off of larger chunks

3/5/2020: tardigrade- slow in movement

3/4/2020: supererogation- something over and above what is needed

3/3/2020: scrivener- a copier or person hired to do just that

3/2/2020: ruptuary- a commoner, or person of low rank

2/28/2020: nimptopsical- drunk

2/27/2020: rehibition- the nullification of a sale because of a defect in the article sold

2/24/2020: proctalgia- a pain in the backside

2/21/2020: appropinquate- to approach

2/20/2020: picaroon- an adventurer, rogue, or loveable pirate

2/19/2020: numinous- divine, awe-inspiring,  or arousing spiritual emotions

2/18/2020: nugacity- triviality or frivolity

2/17/2020: minuend- the number from which another number is taken away in a subtraction sum

2/14/2020: passalorynchite- one who has taken a vow of silence

2/13/2020: lypophreia- vague sadness without cause

2/12/2020: immorigerous- unyielding or uncivil

2/11/2020: hebdomadal- weekly

2/10/2020: halieutics- the art or practice of fishing

2/7/2020: farraginous- a mixture of different things; a hotchpotch of items; a statement of half-truths (used critically)

2/6/2020: engastration- stuffing one animal inside another before consumption

2/4/2020: avarice- extreme greed for wealth or material goods

2/3/2020: breastsummer- the beam that supports the upper story over its main doors

1/31/2020: absquatulate- to leave in a hurry and/or in secret

1/30/2020: acephalous- without a head, or one that is reduced and indistinct

1/29/2020: zelotipia- excessive jealousy

1/28/2020: yesterfang- that which was taken at some time in the past

1/27/2020: vomitory- an entryway which leads spectators to their seats; like a foyer in a theater

1/24/2020: refocillation- restoring by revival or refreshment

1/23/2020: utterance- (modern) an element of spoken language;  (literally/traditionally) the bitter end, i.e. death

1/21/2020: seneschal- individual having full charge of arrangements, ceremonies, household, etc.

1/20/2020: rhathymia- lighthearted, easy tempered, and good natured

1/3/2019: indelible- incapable of being erased or obliterated

1/2/2019: resupinate- upside down as a result of twisting

1/1/2020: quag- a boggy place; esp. one that shakes

12/31/2019: protervity- petulance

12/30/2019: nipperkin- an amount of liquor approximately equal to half a pint

12/27/2019: ornithorhynchus- a creditor; or the genus for platypus

12/26/2019: natatorium- an indoor swimming pool

12/24/2019: amity- peaceful harmony,  mutual understanding

12/23/2019: monstrance- a receptacle of gold or silver

12/20/2019: pauciloquent- speaking briefly

12/19/2019: lygophilia- the love of darkness

12/18/2019: juvenescent- becoming youthful

12/17/2019: infundibular- funnel shaped

12/16/2019: horrisonant- having a harsh, ugly sound

12/13/2019: syngenesophobia- the fear or dislike of relatives

12/12/2019: habromania- extreme euphoria

12/11/2019: gallivant- to romp in search of pleasure

12/10/2019: fartlek- a method of training for runners whereby the trainee alternates fast running with slow jogging

12/9/2019:eructation- a belching forth

12/6/2019: telephanous- visible from afar

12/5/2019: dentiloquy- speaking through clenched teeth

12/4/2019: comploration: wailing and/or weeping together

12/3/2019: caparison- to dress in rich attire or a decorated covering for a horse

12/2/2019: abstrict- to set free by squeezing

11/29/2019: appurtenance-  a secondary thing or an accessory to

11/27/2019: quab- something immature or unfinished

11/26/2019: poriomania- impulsive, aimless wandering

11/25/2019: emendation- a correction or improvement of  text

11/22/2019: imprecation- something rude, angry, or hostile said to or about someone aloud

11/21/2019: murcid- slothful

11/19/2019: flocculent- covered in soft wooly tufts

11/18/2019: quidnunc- one who gossips

11/15/2019: pertinacious- doggedly resolute in purpose or belief

11/14/2019: surfeit- an excessive amount

11/13/2019: incubus- an evil spirit that lies on persons in their sleep or one who oppresses or burdens like a nightmare

11/12/2019: binomial- a name or sum consisting of two terms

11/11/2019: morology- nonsense

11/4/2019: ebriection- a mental breakdown from drinking too much alcohol

11/1/2019: snollygoster- a politician who cares more for personal gain than serving the people

10/31/2019: didapper- one who disappears and pops up again

10/28/2019: anglophone- a speaker of English

10/25/2019: appropinquate- to approach or draw near

10/24/2019: verbicide- the development or circumstance that destroys the common usage of a word or phrase

10/23/2019: notaphilly- collecting bank notes as a hobby

10/22/2019: eumorphous- well formed

10/21/2019: deltiology- the hobby of collecting postcards

10/18/2019: dufus/doofus- a silly fool or dimwit

10/17/2019: vibrissa- a hair in the nostril

10/16/2019: obambulate- to wander or walk in an aimless fashion

10/15/2019: eugonic- living of artificial foodstuffs

10/14/2019: viscerotonic- Having an amiable, comfort loving temperment

10/11/2019: filipendulous- suspended by a thread

10/9/2019: monoglot- someone fluent in only one language

10/8/2019: languescent- becoming tired

10/7/2019: hodiernal- of or pertaining to the present day

10/4/2019: clinomania- an obsessive desire to lie down

10/3/2019: dysania- having a hard time waking up and getting out of bed

10/2/2019: regelation- the freezing together again after melting apart

10/1/2019: deblaterate- to babble or prattle unthinkingly

9/30/2019: tenebrific- dark and obscure

9/27/2019: suaviloquence- soothing, agreeable talk

9/25/2019: gynephobia- morbid dread of the company of women

9/24/2019: smatchet- a nasty, insignificant person or small child

9/23/2019: poliosis- premature graying of hair

9/20/2019: recrudescence- the renewal of a disease after remission

9/19/2019: gnathonic- deceitfully flattering

9/18/2019: nosism- collective egotism or group conceit

9/17/2019: quixotic- exceedingly idealistic, unrealistic, and impractical

9/16/2019- quaver- a shake or tremble in voice or an eighth of a note in music

9/13/2019: planiloquent- straight talking

9/11/2019: capricious- whimsical,  fickle, or unstable

9/10/2019: interoscular- mutual kissing

9/9/2019: interocular- between the eyes

9/6/2019: agathokakological- composed of both good and evil

9/5/2019: venditation- to display as if for sale

9/4/2019: malversation- an improper or corrupt administration

9/3/2019: compotation- drinking or tippling together

9/2/2019: longanimity- patient endurance of injuries with forbearance

8/30/2019: concatenation- linked together

8/27/2019: phoronomics- the science of motion

8/26/2019: ingravescent- growing worse or more severe

8/23/2019: ventricumbent- lying face down

8/22/2019: sagacity- keen judgement and perception

8/21/2019: ophelimity- the ability to please generally

8/20/2019: provender- food in general or fodder

8/19/2019: labefaction- a weakening and/or downfall

8/16/2019: vraisemblance- appearing to be true or likely

8/15/2019: avaricious- miserly, stingy, greedy, covetous

8/14/2019: impetus- a driving force

8/13/2019: animadvert- to pass a critical comment upon someone or something

8/12/2019: multifarious- having many parts of great variety

8/9/2019: spizzerinctum- ambition or the will to succeed

8/8/2019: edify- to build or construct

8/7/2019: estivate- to spend the summer, as in. place or in an activity

8/6/2019: somatic- of or relating to the body

8/5/2019: torpor- lethargy, listlessness

8/2/2019: outrecuidance- egomania, conceit

8/1/2019: analeptic- restorative of strength or health

7/31/2019: pabulum- the means of nutrients, I.e. food

7/30/2019: gremial- of or relating to a lap

7/29/2019: altricial- born in an immature and helpless condition

7/26/2019: purpuraceous- purple, or tinged with purple

7/25/2019: myrmidon- warlike

7/23/2019: titubation- a stumbling or staggering gait

7/22/2019: jingoistic- nationalism in the form of aggressive foreign policy

7/19/2019: sesquipedalian- polysyllabic, or long worded

7/18/2019: apostate- one who renounces a belief or principle

7/16/2019: maturative- coming to suppuration

7/15/2019: liminal- of or at the point beyond which a sensation can not be experienced

7/12/2019: consarcination- patching

7/11/2019: divulsion- rending asunder, being torn apart

7/10/2019: pleionosis- the exaggeration of one’s own importance

7/9/2019: exodium- the conclusion or afterward

7/8/2019: exordium- a beginning or preamble

7/5/2019: tachyphrasia- extremely fluent speech

7/4/2019: noesis- the exercise of reason, i.e. the process of thinking and perceiving

7/3/2019: senescence- the process of deterioration with age

7/2/2019: pyknic- short and squat in build with smaller features

7/1/2019: enchiridion- handbook or manual

6/20/2019: hypobulia- difficulty in making decisions

6/19/2019: splenetic- irritble, peevish, or bad tempered

6/18/2019: argot-  special language used by a particular group of people which others find difficult to understand

6/21/2019: nepheligenous-producing clouds of smoke

6/17/2019: risible- ridiculous,  not to be taken seriously

6/14/2019: leggiadrous- graceful

6/13/2019: jollop- a bird’s wattles or a double chin

6/12/2019: demophobe- person who has a morbid dread of crowds

6/11/2019: quaddle- to grumble (normally of one’s health)

6/10/2019: dolorifuge- that which relieves or drives away sadness

6/7/2019: achlorophyllaceous- colorless

6/6/2019: febrifuge- something that reduces fever, or a cooling drink

6/5/2019: malnoia- a feeling of mental discomfort

6/4/2019: tabescent- wasting or withering away

6/3/2019: meracious- without mixture or adulterated,  ie. full strength

5/31/2019: latitudinarianism- tolerance

5/30/2019: tessitura- the range within music notes fall

5/29/2019: abrade- scrape or wear away by friction or erosion

5/28/2019: turgid- swollen and distended or congested

5/27/2019: limen- threshold

5/24/2019: forisfamiliate- to disinherit

5/23/2019: inconvenance- an impropriety in word or action

5/22/2019: ensorcell- to enchant or fascinate

5/21/2019: bundobust- organization or arrangements

5/20/2019: skulduggery- underhanded, unscrupulous or dishonest behavior

5/17/2019: rumgumption- good sense or shrewdness

5/16/2019: flubdub- bombastic language

5/15/2019: nasute- having an acute sense of smell

5/14/2019: tabard- a sleeveless shirt or jacket

5/13/2019: deglutition- swallowing

5/10/2019: misotramontanism- hatred of the unknown

5/9/2019: zoilism- destructive or bitter criticism

5/8/2019: paracme- the period right after ones prime or peak of career

5/7/2019: ovine- like a sheep

5/6/2019: blabagogy- a criminal environment

5/3/2019: sterquilinian- filthy; in relation to feces

5/2/2019: onerable- burdensome or troublesome

5/1/2019: pretermit- to ignore, pass over, omit, or leave unattended

4/30/2019: inosculate- to unite closely by the openings

4/29/2019: thersitical- abusive and loud

4/26/2019: keraunoscopia- fortune telling by thunder

4/25/2019: yeuling- praying for a good crop

4/23/2019: obtund: to blunt, dull, or deaden

4/22/2019: prolusion- a preliminary attempt, or a trial run

4/19/2019: neanimorphism- looking younger than ones years

4/18/2019: intersillent- suddenly emerging in the midst of something

4/17/2019: glycolimia- a craving for sweets

4/16/2019: dyslogy- dispraise

4/15/2019: sophrosyne- prudent; having self-control

4/12/2019: nullifidian- one who has no faith

4/11/2019: oniomania- an uncontrollable desire to buy things

4/10/2019: fugacious- fleeting

4/8/2019: haecceity- the property or quality of a thing by virtue which makes it unique or “the one”

4/5/2019: nympholepsy- wild frenzy of desire

4/4/2019: felicific- promotes increased happiness

4/3/2019: orexis- physical desire; appetite

4/2/2019: eximious- excellent, notable, or eminent

4/1/2019: legerity- light in weight, movment, or action

3/29/2019: succedaneum- a substitute

3/28/2019: obliquity- slanting or deviating

3/26/2019: tapinosis- the use of degrading diction, i.e. name calling

3/25/2019: grobian- slovenly or clownish

3/22/2019: deuterogamist- widow or widower who remarries

3/2/2019: tregetour- one who performs tricks; a conjuror

3/20/2019: bilocation- being in two places simultaneously

3/19/2019: pernickety- fussy, finical, fastidious

3/18/2019: varietist- one who’s attitudes or activities are not what most consider normal

3/15/2019: oxyacanthous- having sharp spikes or thorns

3/14/2019: adumbrate- represent in outline or foreshdow

3/13/2019: unthirlable- impenetrable

3/12/2019: deuced- exceedingly confounded or damned (used for emphasis to express disapproval or frustration)

3/11/2019: jubate- fringed with long hair

3/8/2019: mucillaginous- sticky or viscid

3/7/2019: bedizen- to dress up or decorate gaudily

3/6/2019: torpillage- electric shock therapy

3/5/2019: unasinous- being equally stupid

3/4/2019: flagitious- criminal or villainous

3/1/2019: tragomaschalia- smelly armpits

2/26/2019: renitency- reluctance or resistance

2/25/2019: nutation- nodding of the head

2/22/2019: rodomontade- bragging or boasting

2/21/2019: axiopisty- the quality the makes something believable

2/20/2019: bovarism- a magnified opinion of one’s own abilities

2/19/2019: epuration- a purge or purify

2/18/2019: facundity- a quality of eloquence; mainly in speech

2/15/2019: pachycephalic- thick skulled

2/14/2019: moiety- half, or at least one of the parts of something divided in two

2/13/2019: yaul- to deviate from a stable course

2/12/2019: nonplus- to confuse or disconcert

2/11/2019: faffle- to dither or fumble about

2/8/2019: recrudescence- the renewal of a disease or the reappearance of a wound

2/7/2019: otiant- idle or at rest

2/6/2019: bombilate- to make a humming, buzzing, or droning sound

2/5/2019: xyloid- woody; of or like wood

2/4/2019: lutulent- muddy or turbid

2/1/2019: superalimentation- overfeeding

1/31/2019: congeries- a disorderly collection, jumble, or pile

1/30/2019: circumfuse- to pour, spread or diffuse around

1/29/2019: tomentose- covered in downy or wooly hair

1/28/2019: exoteric- intelligible to outsiders

1/25/2019: cheimaphilic- fond of winter or of cold

1/24/2019: opsigamy- to marry late in life

1/22/2019: vetust- ancient, venerable or old fashioned

1/21/2019: importune- inconvenient

1/18/2019: munificence- the qulity or action of being extremely generous

1/17/2019: fabiform- bean shaped

1/16/2019: vespiary- a wasp nest

1/15/2019: abdabs- a state of extreme nervousness; I.e. the jitters

1/14/2019: ingeminate- to repeat or reiterate

1/11/2019: contumacious- stubbornly or wilfully disobedient to authority

1/10/2019: vermian- wormlike; of, relating to, or resembling worms

1/9/2019: divulsion- a tearing or being torn apart; usually violent

1/8/2019: aptronym- A name particularly suited to It’s owner

1/7/2019: tonitruous- booming, boisterous, or thundering in voice

1/4/2019: forisfamiliate- to disinherit, or to shed parental authority

1/3/2019: fustigate- to cudgel

1/2/2019: repatriate- 1) return to one’s country of birth or 2) to send or bring back to something’s origins

1/1/2019: epigamic- attractive to the opposite sex

12/31/2018: matutinal- happening in the morning

12/28/2018: abscotchalater- someone in hiding from the police

12/27/2018: kalopsia- a state in which things appear more beautiful than they really are

12/26/2018: tristiloquy- a dull or depressing speech

12/24/2018: endophasia- inaudible speech

12/21/2018: obequitation- the act of riding around

12/20/2018: nebulous- hazy, vague, in a sense cloudy

12/19/2018: clinomania- the excessive desire to stay in bed

12/18//2018: reboant- reverberating or resounding loudly

12/17/2018: bistable- having two stable states

12/14/2018: thrasonical- bragging and boasting

12/13/2018: expiscate- to discover through detailed investigation

12/12/2018: rutilant- glowing with a reddish tone

12/11/2018: ultroneous- spontaneous

12/10/2018: niddering- cowardly

12/7/2018: forswunk- totally worn out from work

12/6/2018: vitiate- to impair or spoil the quality or efficiency of

12/5/2018: teleophobia- fear of definite plans

12/4/2018: dissave- to spend one’s savings in order to cover living expenses

12/3/2018: globose- spherical

11/30/2018: defenestration- the act of throwing someone or something out a window

11/29/2018: stentorian- of powerful voice

11/27/2018: ablution- the act of washing oneself

11/26/2018: virago- a heroic woman or female warrior

11/23/2018: witzelsucht- the tendency to tell poor jokes and puns; considered a mental condition

11/21/2018: jocose- playful or humorous

11/20/2018: assiduity- constant or close attention to what one is doing

11/19/2018: colloquy- a conversation

11/16/2018: kalokagathia- the state of bodily, morally, and spiritual wholeness; classically the ideal of gentlemanly conduct

11/15/2018: ecdemic- originating elsewhere than where it is found

11/14/2018: tmesis- the separating of a compound word with another word or words, used in informal speech for emphasis

11/13/2018: redolent- strongly reminiscent of or smelling of

11/12/2018: picayune- trifling or paltry

11/9/2018: psithurism- the sound of rustling leaves, usually moved by wind

11/8/2018: palaver- prolonged and tedious discussion

11/7/2018: rhinorrhea- runny nose

11/6/2018: exoptable- extremely desirable

11/5/2018: quiescence- a state or period of inactivity or dormancy

11/02/2018: latibulize- to hibernate

11/01/2018: ostensible- stated or appearing to be true, but not necessarily so

10/31/2018: sibilant- characterized by or making a hissing sound

10/30/2018: rencontre- 1) a chance meeting, or 2) a battle, skirmish, or duel

10/29/2018: fuliginous- sooty or dusky

10/26/2018: cryptoscopophilia- the urge to secretly look into windows of homes as passing by

10/23/2018: thanatosis- the ability to fake death in order to evade danger

10/22/2018: abcission- the natural detachment of parts of a plant

10/19/2018: neurasthenic- having nervous exhaustion;  with the inability to cope with any but the most trivial tasks

10/18/2018: emanation- 1) something which originates from a source, 2) a form of radiation given off by something

10/17/2018: avocation- a hobby or minor occupation

10/16/2018: acolyte- a follower or attendant

10/10/2018: coif- a women’s close fitting cap

10/9/2018: bestir- to make physical or mental effort; to rouse oneself

10/8/2018: acumen- keen insight or quick perception

10/5/2018: fanfaronade- arrogant bragging or boasting

10/4/2018: deign- do something that one considers to be beneath one’s dignity

10/3/2018: celerity- swiftness of movement

10/2/2018: palmar- relating to or involving the hand

10/01/2018: whimling- a weak, childish person

9/28/2018: tatterdemalion- dilapidated or tattered

9/25/2018: prink- to deck out or smarten generally one’s appearance

9/24/2018: animus- rational temper

9/21/2018: pluviophile- one who loves the rain; who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days

9/20/2018: eidetic- denoting mental images of unusual vividness or detail

9/19/2018: bezonian- a rascal, scoundrel or beggar

9/17/2018: whilom- once or formerly

9/14/2018: valetudinarian- an invalid with a tendency to hypochondria

9/13/2018: eldritch- weird, sinister, or hideous

9/12/2018: sudarium- a cloth used for wiping sweat off the face

9/10/2018: innascible- without a beginning

9/7/2018: quaquaversal- turning or dipping in every direction

9/6/2018: aberration- a wandering, the act of straying

9/5/2018: logorrhea- excessive or incoherent talking

9/3/2018: weasiness- a state of gluttony; given in to indulgence

8/31/2018: gambrinous- full of beer

8/27/2018: lapactic- a purgatory or laxative

8/24/2018: vecordious- crazy, lunatic, senseless, foolish, batty, folly, madness, etc.

8/23/2018: postern- a back door or gate, or private entrance at the side or rear

8/22/2018: absumption- the process of being wasted away or consumed

8/20/2018: resgestae- things done, deeds, accomplishments

8/17/2018: epicene- having characteristics of both sexes,  or none of either sex

8/16/2018: acescent- turning sour

8/15/2018: orgulous- haughty or showy

8/13/2018: loricate- having a hard protective crust or shell

8/10/2018: fedifragous- treacherous

8/9/2018: birl- to revolve a log in the water while standing on it

8/8/2018: affusion- the pouring of liquid, particularly baptism

8/6/2018: raddled- aged and worsened by debauchery

8/3/2018: dephlogisticate- fireproof

8/2/2018: discalced- barefooted

8/1/2018: jargogle- to befuddle or mess up

7/30/2018: fucoid- like seaweed

7/27/2018: remplissage- padding, needless filler

7/26/2018: sicarian- a murderer, specifically an assassin

7/25/2018: oneiric- of or relating to dreams

7/23/2018: bicrural- having two legs

7/20/2018: onychophagy- nail biting

7/18/2018: cepaceous- like an onion; in shape, smell, or taste

7/17/2018: sassenach- an English person

7/16/2018: reniform- kidney shaped

7/3/2018: limophoitos- insanity caused by lack of food

7/12/2018: manducate- to chew or eat; or figuratively, to make a meal out of

7/11/2018: desipient- silly or foolish

7/9/2018: polyadic- involving three or more qualities, elements, or people

7/6/2018: leptorrhine- having a long, narrow nose with close nostrils

7/5/2018: beshrew- the devil take me; metaphorically. Akin to “I swear”

7/4/2018: betwixt- between

7/2/2018: umbles-the entrails of an amimal; typically those consumed as food

6/29/2018: rhadamanthine- uncompromisingly just and completely incorruptible

6/28/2018: ailurophile- one who is abnormally fond of cats

6/27/2018: herdwick- a pasture for cattle or sheep

6/25/2018: maderise- to become flat in taste

6/21/2018: griffonage- illegible scribble or careless handwriting

6/20/2018: halitus- an exhalation or breath

6/18/2018: kippage-  a state of commotion or confusion

6/15/2018: anechoic- having no echo

6/14/2018: gargalesis- hard, laugh inducing tickling

6/13/2018: knismesis- light, featherlike tickling

6/11/2018: urticant- causing stinging or itching

6/8/2018: drapetomania- the intense desire to run away from home or a situation

6/7/2018: vestige- a trace or remnant of something that is disappearing or gone

6/6/2018: wamble- a disturbance of the stomach

6/4/2018: succussion- a vigorous shaking

6/1/2018: arcipluvian- many colored

5/31/2018: hyponychial- under the finger or toe nails

5/30/2018: orarian- a dweller by the seashore

5/28/2018: virago- a domineering, violent, or bad-tempered woman

5/25/2018: ostrobogulous- something that is bizarre, interesting, or unusual in some way; it can also be used to describe something risque, indecent, or pornographic

5/24/2018: commensal- eating together

5/21/2018: solation- the liquefaction of a gel

5/18/2018: abligurition- extravagance in cooking and serving

5/17/2018: perfidy- the state of being faithless or an act of disloyalty

5/16/2018: otiose- idle or lazy

5/9/2018: forficula- small scissors or shears

5/7/2018: deshabille- the state of being partly or carelessly dressed

5/4/2018: flabellation-the use of a fan to cool something or someone

5/3/2018:verecund-modest, shy, or bashful

5/2/2018: indocible- unteachable

4/23/2018: zeugma- a figure of speech in which a word applies to two others in different senses

4/20/2018: prelapsarian- the time before the fall of man

4/16/2018: profanation- that which is not related to that which is sacred; irreverent

4/13/2018: luctiferous- sad and sorry

4/12/2018: frowzy/frowsty- scruffy, neglected, dingy

4/11/2018: suant- smooth, even, or placid

4/10/2018: anosmic- the lack of smell

4/9/2018: ululation- to howl or wail as in lamentation

4/6/2018: sciapodous- having feet large enough to be used as umbrellas

4/5/2018: fubbery-cheating or deception

4/4/2018: sursaut- all of a sudden

4/2/2018: punctilious- attention to detail or correct behavior

3/30/2018: engastrimyth- ventriloquist

3/29/2018: glebous- full of clods

3/26/2018: enodate- unknot

3/23/2018: babelavante- one who makes feeble jokes or blabbers

3/22/2018: runagate- one who has run away

3/21/2018: ossature- resembling a skeleton

3/19/2018: percipient- perceiving keenly

3/16/2018: ludification- derision or deception

3/14/2018: profligacy- reckless extravagance or licentious behavior

3/12/2018: edentulous- not having any teeth

3/9/2018: callypygian- having beautiful buttocks

3/8/2018: hough- the hollow at the back of the knee

3/7/2018: horripilation- goosebumps

3/5/2018: snudge- to look busy when actually doing nothing

3/2/2018:suzerainty- control by a sovereign state over another

3/1/2018: (a)meliorate- make better

2/28/2018: presbyopia- vision difficulty caused by loss of lens elasticity

2/26/2018: dolor- sorrow or grief

2/23/2018: encephalalgia- headache

2/22/2018: ataractic- able to calm or tranquillize

2/21/2018: mazuma- money

2/19/2018: saturnine- gloomy

2/16/2018: xenodocheinology- an abnormal fascination with hotels

2/15/2018: puerperal- of or connected to childbirth

2/14/2018: seriation- arranged in a series according to criteria

2/12/2018: cogitation- meditation or contemplation

2/9/2018: oblectation- pleasure, satisfaction, or delight

2/8/2018: ullage- the volume by which a container falls short of being full

2/7/20418: fealty- loyalty or the oath of such

2/5/2018: mollify- to make soft

2/2/2018: micturation- urinating

2/1/2018: bathetic- incredibly commonplace or excessively sentimental

1/31/2018: syncretistic- seeking to identify common features to merge into one

1/29/2018: quandam or quondam- of an earlier time

1/26/2018: ameliorate- make better

1/25/2018: peculate- embezzle or steal

1/22/2018: fatuous- silly and pointless

1/19/2018: paradiastole- a half-truth

1/18/2018: pleonasm- the use of more words than necessary to convey a meaning

1/17/2018: myopic – lack of foresight

1/15/2018: cogitate- to think deeply about

1/12/2018: laevorotatory- counterclockwise

1/11/2018: dimerous- consisting of two parts or groups

1/10/2018: chivvy- to tell someone to do something repeatedly

1/8/2018: stertorous- noisy and labored

1/5/2018: circumambagious- an indirect manner of speech

1/4/2018: desiderate- to feel a desire for something absent

1/3/2018: dipsomaniac- alcoholic

1/1/2018: askance- a look of suspicion or disapproval