Chris Wood, Francis Wood, Chris Brochon

Chris Wood, Francis Wood, Chris Brochon

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Chris Brochon’s Word of the Day. If you come across or know some great words, send them to me at

2/26/2021: glabella- the space between the eyebrows

2/25/2021: pantophagy- being omnivorous

2/24/2021: acyrologia- the inexact, innappropriate, or improper use of a word

2/23/2021: oligotrophia- luck of nourishment

2/22/2021: auscultation- the action of listening to sound from the heart, lungs or other organs; typically with a stethoscope

2/19/2021: interregnum- an interval or pause between two periods

2/17/2021: invective- insulting, abusive, or highly critical language

2/16/2021: choler- anger or irascibility

2/15/2021: aping- to copy someone or something

2/12/2021: chionophobia- the intense fear of snow

2/11/2021: iniquitous- grossly unfair or morally wrong

2/10/2021: matriculate- (1) to record in an official register (2) to be enrolled at a college or university

2/9/2021: perfunctory- carried out with minimum effort or reflection

2/8/2021: acolyte- an assistant or follower

2/5/2021: recrudescence- the recurrence of an undesirable condition

2/4/2021: abjure- to solemnly renounce

2/3/2021: festinate- to hurry or be hasty

2/2/2021: oculogyric- eye-rolling

1/29/2021: extraforaneous- outdoors

1/28/2021: necromimesis- the mental state in which the sufferer believes themselves to be dead

1/27/2021: mangelwurzel- any root vegetable; primarily one grown as cattle fodder

1/26/2021: peripatetic- walking or moving about; not staying in one place; itinerant

1/25/2021: demotic- denoting the language used by ordinary people; colloquial

1/22/2021: extravasate- to cause to escape into the surrounding area from its proper vessel; to exude

1/21/2021: penurious- extremely poor, poverty-stricken

1/20/2021: detestation- intense dislike

1/19/2021: loganamnosis- the mania of trying to recall forgotten words

1/18/2021: lethologica- the inability to recall words

1/15/2021: amelioration- the act of making something better

1/14/2021:  spoonerism- the transposition of initial sounds or letters of two or more words

1/13/2021: concomitant- naturally accompanying or associated

1/12/2021: introject- to incorporate ideas of others or objects

1/11/2021: duplicity- deceitfulness or double-dealing

1/8/2021: hyperhedonia- the condition in which abnormally high pleasure is derived from activities that are intrinsically tedious

1/7/2021: sequacious- subservient obedience bordering on slavish willingness to blindly follow without thought

1/6/2021: haptodysphoria- the unpleasant  feeling experienced by people when touching certain surfaces

1/5/2021: ecdysis- the shedding of ones outer layer

1/4/2021: posit: (v) to assume as a fact (n) a statement made on the assumption it will prove to be true

1/1/2021: pejorative- expression of contempt or disapproval

12/24/2020: wassail- noun: the custom of hospitality; verb: the party at which wassail, the drink, is offered

12/23/2020: subsume- to incorporate or to consider as part of a rule

12/21/2020: insouciance- a casual lack of concern ; indifference

12/18/2020: suffonsified- totally satisfied or satiated; used primarily when talking food

12/16/2020: abstemiously- not acting self-indulgently, esp. with food and drink

12/15/2020: pugnacious- eager to argue, fight, or quarrel

12/14/2020: doxology- a hymn of praise, specifically to a God

12/11/2020: malacodermous- soft-skinned

12/10/2020: blathering- talking long-windedly without making sense

12/9/2020: saturnine- gloomy; dark in mood or coloring

12/8/2020: taciturn- reserved or uncommunicative in speech

12/7/2020: spurious- not being what it purports to be; false, fake

12/4/2020: superannuated- obsolete and no longer useful for its original purpose

12/3/2020: querulous- complaining in a petulant or winning manner

12/2/2020: aqueous- containing water or watery

11/30/2020: frabjous- combination of fabulous and joyous

11/27/2020: diversivolent- desiring strife

11/25/2020: flibbertigibbet- a frivolous, flighty person

11/24/2020: trenchant- vigorous or incisive in expression or style

11/20/2020: quixotic- unrealistically optimistic or Impractically idealistic

11/19/2020: contrectation- the act of caressing someone against their will

11/18/2020: adventitious- happening by chance or coming from outside; as in not native

11/16/2020: akimbo- standing hands on hips with elbows facing outward

11/13/2020: coruscation- a flash or gleam of light or of wit

11/12/2020: tauromachian- pertaining to bullfighting

11/11/2020: retrusion- the action of moving or putting something back

11/10/2020: invective- insulting, abusive, or highly critical language

11/9/2020: ennealogy- a set of nine works of art that are connected and can be seen as a single work or nine individuals

11/6/2020: aposterioristic- inductive, or pertaining to empirical knowledge

11/5/2020: mendacious- not telling the truth, lying

11/4/2020: bereft- deprived of or lacking something

11/3/2020: nadir- the lowest point in the fortunes of a person or organization

11/2/2020- prosy: dull, tedious, or long-winded

10/30/2020: aurocephalous- blond

10/29/20: imbroglio- an acutely painful or embarrassing misunderstanding

10/28/2020: loquacious- tending to talk a great deal

10/27/2020: gallimaufry- a confused jumble or medley of things

10/26/2020: aeonic- lasting an aeon or age-long

10/23/2020: dissentaneous- negative or disagreeable

10/22/2020: frippet- a flamboyant young woman

10/21/2020: rescalescent- a sudden reheating of something during the cooling down process

10/20/2020: nutricism- relationship in which one organism is nourished and protected by the other without reciprocal benefit

10/19/2020: lestobiosis- living by furtive stealing

10/16/2020: sempervirent- evergreen

10/15/2020: plebian- something ordinary or common, of low status

10/14/2020: gerontocomium- an institution for the care of the aged

10/13/2020: fetid- smelling extremely unpleasant

10/12/2020: gyrovague- a proselytizer who wanders from place to place

10/9/2020: outrecuidance- gross conceit or egomania

10/8/2020: eremophilous- inhabiting the desert

10/7/2020: derodidymus- two headed

10/6/2020: consubstantial- an entity or state that is supposed to exist even though there is no empirical evidence for their existence

10/5/2020: bottomry- a mortgage in which a ship is used as security for a loan

10/2/2020: pellucid- lucid in style or meaning, or of sound, clear and pure in tone

10/1/2020: sybarite- a person who is self-indulgent in their fondness for luxury

9/30/2020: vexillologist- a student of flags

9/28/2020: soterial- pertaining to salvation

9/25/2020: anopisthographic- having printing or writing on one side only

9/24/2020: retrobulbar- behind the eyeball

9/22/2020: procumbent- leaning forwards or lying on the face

9/21/2020: nidifugous- leaving the nest while young

9/18/2020: mendaciloquent- speaking lies

9/17/2020: orthostatic- related to or caused by an upright posture

9/16/2020: linonophobia- irrational fear of string

9/15/2020: interbastation- quilting

9/14/2020: graminivorous- grass eating

9/11/2020: redintegrate- to renew, restore, or recondition

9/9/2020: inflorescence- the floral structure of a plant

9/8/2020: efflorescence- flowering or in chemistry, crystallization

9/7/2020: diaskeuast- one who revises, edits, or interpolates

9/4/2020: recondite- abstruse, or little known

9/3/2020: wayzgoose- an annual summer holiday used in the printing industry to mark the end of summer

9/2/2020: scopodromic- pursuing a course in the line of sight, or homing in on

9/1/2020: delectation – pleasure and delight

8/31/2020: reptation- the motion of two planes when slid against each

8/28/2020: lugubrious- looking or sounding sad or dismal

8/27/2020: terpsichore- the delight in dancing

8/26/2020: efficacious- successful in producing a desired or intended result; effective

8/25/2020: quillet- a frivolous or evasive argument; a quibble

8/24/2020: protogenal- referring to something primeval or someone firstborn

8/18/2020: propitious- giving or indicating a good chance of success; favorable

8/17/2020: polyphagia- excessive eating

8/14/2020: inveterate- long established and unlikely to change

8/13/2020: pulchritude- beauty

8/12/2020: irascible- having or showing a tendency to be easily angered

8/11/2020: innocuous- not harmful or offensive

8/10/2020: orthosis- the correction of a disorder by device or support

8/7/2020: nonfeasance- failure to perform an action which ought to have been performed

8/6/2020: inimical- unfriendly or hostile

8/5/2020: membranaceous- being thin, translucent, and papery like a membrane

8/4/2020: forrader- in a forward direction

8/3/2020: gamophobia- the morbid fear of marriage

7/31/2020: frabjous- delightful, joyous, wonderful, etc.

7/30/2020: hermeneutics- the branch of knowedge that deals with interpretation of literary texts

7/29/2020: elision- (1) an omission of a sound when speaking or of a passage in a book or speech (2) the process of joining or merging abstract things

7/28/2020: anadromous- ascending rivers to spawn

7/27/2020: facetiously- witty or amusing

7/24/2020: absquatulate- to leave, depart, or flee in a hurry

7/23/2020: hornswoggle- to deceive or trick

7/21/2020:farrago- a confused mixture

7/20/2020: stertorous- noisy and labored (of breathing)

7/17/2020: ratiocination- the process of thinking about something in a logical way

7/16/2020: risible- such as to provoke laughter

7/15/2020: intransigent- unwilling to change one’s views or to agree about something

7/14/2020: villeggiatura- an extended rural holiday; i.e. a long vacation in the country

7/13/2020: tarsalgia- a pain in the foot

7/10/2020: autochthonous- native or indigenous

7/9/2020: opprobrious- expressing scorn, disgrace, or contempt

7/8/2020: anodyne- 1) not likely to provoke dissent or offense 2)  pain killing drug

7/7/2020: ague- a feverish like fit marked by paroxysmal chills

7/6/2020: refocillation- total refreshment, revival, or revitalization

7/3/2020: outrecuidance- egomania, arrogance, or gross conceit

7/2/2020: nucivorous- nut eating

07/01/2020: lanceolate- shaped like a lance-head I.e. three times as long as it is broad

6/30/2020: mete- (v) to distribute or allot; (n) a mark or boundary

6/29/2020: anachronism- a thing belonging or appropriate to a period other than that in which it exists

6/26/2020: expergefaction- an awakening

6/25/2020: mycophagy- the eating of fungi

6/23/2020: funambulist- a tightrope walker

6/22/2020: aberrant- departing from an accepted standard

6/19/2020: margaritaceous- pearly or resembling mother of pearl

6/18/2020: eschew- to abstain from

6/17/2020: variorum- an edition of literary work that includes margin notes by editors, collating all known views of the text

6/16/2020: engastrimyth- a ventriloquist

6/11/2020: balladromic- maintaining a course heading for target without deviation

6/10/2020: antimacassar- small cloth placed over the back or arms of chair to prevent soiling of the fabric;  also the cloth flap collar on a sailors shirt

6/9/2020: ultrafidian- going beyond faith

6/8/2020: thigmotaxis- the movement of an organism in response to an object which provides a mechanical stimulus

6/5/2020: oxyacanthous- having sharp spines or thorns

6/4/2020: struthious- like an ostrich

6/3/2020: remontado- one has fled to mountains and renounced civilization

6/2/2020: panpsychist- one who believes that everything has a soul

6/1/2020: occultation- being hidden from view; esp. with heavenly bodies