PECHS Drama Team Comes in 3rd

Prince Edward County High School’s Drama Team came in 3rd place during tough regional competition. We are beyond proud of our team and the amazing performance they put on. We also had 3 runners up for an outstanding actor award: Dionna Welton-Boxley, Jacob Strickler, and Emily Sansalone.

Front: Danyel Haskins, Brandin Poff, Ella Estes, and Dionna Welton-Boxley
Back: Ms. Dabbs, Serena Campbell, Kayleigh Taylor, Emily Hamilton, Aaliyah Toney, Hayden Shackleton, Jaylyn Graner, Ashton Ivers, Leann Marion, Jacob Strickler, Emily Sansalone, Uriah Coleman, Grace Buczek, Layla Edmonds

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