Paris Ceramics America Receives Loan from Prince Edward County Industrial Development Authority

Paris Ceramics America was approved to receive a loan from the Prince Edward County Industrial Development Authority (IDA) that will allow the artesian flooring manufacturing company to expand their Farmville operation located in the Prince Edward County Business Park. The additional equipment purchase will allow Paris Ceramics America to hire an additional five full-time highly-skilled CNC operators to join the existing 25-person team at the manufacturing facility at 200 Dominion Drive in Farmville, Virginia.

The company will be purchasing two large machines to support their escalating growth in demand including a bridge-saw of Italian manufacturer Donatoni and a second brash-machine from Waterjets Industries. “We are extremely thankful for the support that Douglas Stanley, Chelsey White, and Brad Watson of the IDA have provided us. This is a great example of how industry and government work together to increase employment and small business corporation” said Guy Kellner, Managing Partner of Paris Ceramics America.

According to County Administrator Douglas P. Stanley, “One of the primary responsibilities of the IDA is the support of our existing businesses. We appreciate the ability to support Paris Ceramics once again in their efforts to expand operations in Prince Edward County. Guy Kellner has continuously shown his support and commitment to the Prince Edward community and we are excited to partner with them to add jobs and investment”.

Bradley Watson, Chairman of the IDA stated “The primary goal of the Prince Edward County IDA is to help spur economic activity in our area.  After thoroughly researching Paris Ceramic’s business plan and company financials, and after getting to know Guy Kellner personally, it was a pretty easy decision for us to agree to help”.

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