Rumblings of Illegalities By The Farmville Town Council In Removing Confederate Statue

Some people are questioning whether or not the Farmville Town Council acted entirely legally during the COVID-19 pendemic. The Farmville Herald reports that some have been raising questions about a closed-door private session on June 18th that wasn’t live streamed, like the other council meetings have been. During that meeting, the Farnmville Town COuncil approved the operating buydget for next fiscal year, but after emerging from the closed-door meeting, they then unanimously voted to remove the COnfederate statue at the intersection of High and Randolph Streets, with no public input. Then, within one hour, crews were already disassembling the statue. The Herald reports that an audio recording of the open portion of the meeting showed that the council used an exemption provided by state law that allowed them to go into the private meeting. That exemption deals with discussion and consideration of real property that would adversely affect the strategy of the town itself.

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