At this time, the Virginia Department of Health (VDH) is reporting three (3) confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Buckingham County. To protect patient confidentiality, no further information will be provided about this patient and VDH does not provide specific information on an investigation.

For any case of communicable illness, VDH does “contact tracing.” VDH does identify potential contacts, assess their risk of exposure and provides medical and public health measures for individuals and the community, as appropriate. Investigations are currently ongoing.  Also, rapid community spread in this region is expected.

Remember that the most effective means of protecting yourself and those around you are;

 Hand and surface hygiene to include washing your hands

 Social distancing (6 feet or more)

 Avoiding close contact with groups of ten or more

 Avoid touching your face,

 Avoid others who are sick

Respect Virginia’s STAY HOME ORDER

We also encourage you to remain up to date on COVID-19 information by visiting the following websites:

 VDH COVID-19 website:

 CDC Coronavirus Disease 2019 website:

 Contact the VDH Call Center at 1-877 ASK VDH3.

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