Farmville Garbage Route for Veteran’s Day

With Veteran’s Day being Monday, November 11th, there will be no residential or business garbage, no cardboard collection and no miscellaneous/brush collection on Monday, November 11th. Monday and Tuesday’s residential garbage will be picked up on Tuesday, November 12th. Please have your rollouts at the curb by 7:00 am that morning. Business garbage and cardboard will be picked up on Tuesday and Friday this week only. Miscellaneous/brush will be picked up on Tuesday. Curbside recycling will be picked up on its regular schedule. Business recycling and residential cardboard call-in will be picked up on Wednesday. Collections will resume on their normal schedules next week.
Loose leaf vacuum service began October 30th. Beginning Tuesday Nov. 12th will be Area 1 start date, so please have your leaves ready by this date. Please remember that loose leaves must be free of all other debris, including brush and limbs. Place these items away from the leaf piles as they are picked up by a different crew and truck. Thank you for your cooperation. If there are any questions, please call the Farmville Department of Public Works at 434-392-3331.

Monday, Nov. 11th No residential, business or call in collection.

Tuesday, Nov. 12th Monday & Tuesday residential garbage pickup and miscellaneous call-in, business garbage and cardboard pickup.

Wed. Nov. 13th Regular residential garbage pickup, residential cardboard call-in and business recycling. No business garbage or cardboard pickup.

Thurs. Nov. 14th Regular routes

Fri. Nov. 15th Business garbage and cardboard collection

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