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Chris Wood, Francis Wood, Chris Brochon

Chris Wood, Francis Wood, Chris Brochon

The Call Flo Radio Show was recognized as ‘Best Morning Show’ in the small market division by the Virginia Association of Broadcasters in 2012, 2014 & 2015!  

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Tune in weekdays beginning at 8:05 AM to WFLO AM and FM for the Call Flo Radio Show! Your hosts Francis Wood, along with Chris Wood, and Christopher Brochon, will bring you the show! Whether its the good news, birthdays and anniversaries, the word of the day, or comments concerning local, state or national news events, join us on CALL FLO. We would love to hear from you! The contact numbers for The Call Flo Radio Show are 434-392-8881 (local) or 1-800-825-5356 (long distance).

Upcoming Interviews with Christopher Brochon: 

May 3rd-Kitty Ferguson enlightens us on “Lost Science” and the scientists that go with it

May 17th- Dr. Cassandra Alexander on the upcoming 400 year Virginia’s 1619 Commemoration

May 24th- Timothy Smith about Unlocking the God Key: divine messages hidden in the Bible

May 31st- Laura Sook Duncombe on Harrisonburg, VA on “Pirate Women” who rules the seven seas

ChrisBrochonLargeChris Brochon’s Word of the Day. If you come across or know some great words, send them to me at

4/28/2017:fatiferous- destructive or deadly by fate

4/27/2017: ovant- triumphant, as in an ovation

4/26/2017: eagre- a sudden tidal flood

  • 4/25/2017: hent- to seize, carry away, or to grab
  • 4/24/2017: carfax-an intersection of at least 4 roads
  • 4/21/2017: barythymia- nervousness
  • 4/20/2-17: crine- to shrink or shrivel up
  • 4/19/2017: pert- saucily free or forward
  • 4/18/2017: fatuous- complacently stupid or inane
  • 4/17/2017: staid- sedate, or unadventurous
  • 4/14/2017: rebarbative- repellent, repulsive, revolting, or altogether unattractive
  • 4/13/2017: scurrilous- 1) making or spreading scandalous claims of someone with the intention of damaging their reputation 2) humorously insulting
  • 4/12/2017: obsequies- obedient or attentive to a servile degree
  • 4/10/2017: overweening- arrogant, presumptuous or immoderate
  • 4/7/2017: gomphiasis- a tooth ache
  • 4/6/2017: euphonious- a sound, particularly speech, that is pleasing to the ear
  • 4/5/2017: dragoon- to subjugate by harsh troops or to force into submission by violent measures
  • 4/3/2017: dreadnought- 1)a battleship 2)the largest of its kind 3) a warm think cloth
  • 3/31/2017: adumbrated- 1) outlined or 2) foreshadowed
  • 3/30/2017: adumbrate- to foreshadow, suggest, or intimate
  • 3/29/2017: gravitate- 1) to move under gravitation 2) to move toward or to be drawn to by natural inclination
  • 3/27/2017: bombinate- buzz or drone
  • 3/24/2017: cacestogenous- caused by an unfavorable home environment
  • 3/23/2017: envisage-to view or regard in certain way

3/22/2017: quantal- of, relating to, or having only two experimental outcomes

3/20/2017: belie- 1) to give a false impression 2) to present an appearance not in agreement with 3) to show to be wrong 4) to disguise

3/17/2017 deleterious- causing harm or damage

3/16/2017: coalesce- 1) to grow together or 2) to unite into a whole

3/15/2017: carrefour- crossroads or a square or plaza

3/13/2017: pericope- an extract from a text

3/10/2017:malneirophrenia- depression following a nightmare

3/9/2017: commove- 1) to move violently or 2) to excite to passion

3/8/2017: flout- to treat with disregard or to scorn

3/3/2017: embonpoint- the plump essentially of a person

3/2/2017: enthrall- to hold in slavery or to hold spellbound

2/24/2017: sprachgefuhl- an intuitive sense of what is linguistically appropriate

2/23/2017: snivel- 1)to run at the nose 2)to cry or whine with snuffling 3) to speak in a weak emotional manner

2/22/2017: ferrule- a metal ring or cap placed at the end of a shaft or handle to strengthen it or bind it to another

2/20/2017: lade- to load, burden, or to ladle

2/17/2017: multifarious- having many kinds of parts or elements or being of great diversity

2/16/2017: abnegate- 1) to deny 2) to renounce 3) to surrender 4) to relinquish

2/15/2017: beguile- 1) to deceive 2)to draw notice to by wiles 3) to cause to pass pleasantly

2/13/2017: errant- 1) traveling or 2) moving aimlessly

2/10/2017: chiropteran- an order of night flying mammals with forelimbs modified to form wings

2/9/2017: proliferate- to grown or increase rapidly

2/8/2017: probity- adherence to the highest principles and ideals

2/6/2017: chawbacon- bumpkin or hick

2/3/2017: antonomasia- the use of an epithet or title in place of a proper name

2/2/2017: laconic- using a minimum of words

2/1/2017: moue- a grimace or pout

1/30/2017: welkin- the vault of the sky or the upper atmosphere

1/27/2017: commodious- comfortably spacious or roomy

1/26/2017: desuetude- discontinuance of use

1/25/2017: overnumerousness- the condition of being too numerous

1/23/2017: nepenthe- a potion used to forget pain or sorrow

1/20/2017: grandiloquent- pompous or bombastic speaking

1/19/2017: egregious- conspicuously bad

1/18/2017: epigone- follower or disciple

1/16/2017: putative- commonly accepted or assumed to exist

1/13/2017:lachrymose- given to tears or weeping

1/12/2017: indagate- to look into or investigate

1/11/2017: remora- hindrance or drag

1/9/2017: claque- a group hired to applaud

1/6/2017: obstreperous- difficult to deal with

1/5/2017: festinate- hasty

1/3/2017: petillant-sparkling

1/2/2017: vitiate- to make faulty or defective, to debase in moral or aesthetic status

12/29/2016: convivial-relating to or occupied with feasting, drinking, and good company

12/28/2016: constellate- to cluster

12/23/2016: imperturbable- marked by extreme calm

12/22/2016:caducity-1) senility or 2) perishable

12/21/2016: stymie- to present an obstacle to or stand in the way of

12/19/2016: amok- in murderous frenzied state

12/16/2016: ignominious- marked by disgrace or shame

12/15/2016: scofflaw- a contemptuous law breaker

12/14/2016: frigorific- causing cold

12/12/2016: reify- to regard as a concrete thing

12/9/2016: compunctious- arising from remorse or regret

12/8/2016-: cadge- beg or sponge

12/7/2016: palliate- to cover by excuses and apologies

12/5/2016: captious- marked by an ill-natured inclination or calculated to confuse

12/2/2016: propinquity- nearness of blood, of place, or time

12/1/2016: scapegrace- a rascal

11/30/2016: gauche- lacking social grace; not tactful; crude

11/28/2016: jimjams- jitters

11/25/2016: prognosticate- foretelling from signs or symptoms

11/23/2016: daedal- skillful, artistic, or intricate

11/21/2016: acedia- apathy or boredom

11/18/2016: pachydermatous- thick, callous, and insensitive

11/17/2016: decimate- to select and kill every tenth person, or to reduce drastically in number

11/16/2016: plangent- having a loud reverberating sound

11/14/2016: hoary- grey or white with age; extremely old

11/11/2016: anathematize- to curse or denounce

11/10/2016: bolide- a large meteor or fireball

11/9/2016: pococurante- indifferent

11/7/2016: fomite- an object that is contaminated with infectious organisms

11/4/2016: eleemosynary- of, relating to, or supported by charity

11/3/2016: rugose- full of wrinkles

11/2/2016: phosphene- a luminous impression due to excitation of the retina

10/31/2016: fatidic- relating to a prophecy

10/28/2016: kerdomeletia- excessive attention of material wealth

10/27/2016: divest- to deprive, dispossess, or strip of

10/26/2016: foison- rich harvest or resources

10/24/2016: crepitate- to make short sharp noises

10/21/2016: bouquiniste- dealer of secondhand books

10/20/2016: edentulous- toothless

10/19/2016: dulcet- sweet to the taste or pleasing to the ear

10/17/2016: williwaw- a violet mountain storm or a violent commotion

10/14/2016: sisyphean- requiring continual and often ineffective effort

10/13/2016: lickerish- greedy or lecherous

10/12/2016: palmary- best

10/10/2016: splenetic- marked by bad temper or spite

10/7/2016: autochthonous- indigenous

10/6/2016: sciolism- a superficial show of learning

10/5/2016: beatific- a state of utmost bliss

10/3/2016: postlude- a closing piece of music or closing phase of a literary work

9/28/2016: amaranthine- 1) not fading or dying 2) being dark reddish purple

9/27/2016: hereditament- heritable property

9/26/2016: argot- a secret vocabulary and idiom of a particular group

9/23/2016: panjandrum- a person who has or claims a great deal of authority or influence

9/22/2016: deracinate- to uproot or remove from its environment or culture

9/21/2016: turophile- a connoisseur of cheese

9/19/2016: decoct- to extract the favor of by boiling, or to boil down

9/16/2016: impecunious- having very little or no money habitually

9/15/2016: probity- adherence to the highest principles and ideals

9/14/2016: collimate- to make parallel

9/12/2016: lorn- desolate or forsaken

9/9/2016: abecedarian- alphabetically arranged

9/8/2016: depone- to assert under oath

9/7/2016: passim- here and there

9/6/2016: countermand- to revoke or recall by country order

9/5/2016: abrogate- to abolish or treat as nonexistent

9/2/2016: gallimaufry- a confused jumble or medley of things

9/1/2016:lief- happily

8/31/16: fastidious- having high and often demanding standards

8/29/2016: grift- to obtain illicitly

8/26/2016: toxophilite- one fond of or expert at archery

8/25/2016:confabulate-to talk informally

8/24/2016: garrulous- given to rambling or

tedious talking, usually pointless

8/23/2016: interstice- 1) the space between closely spaced things 2) short space of time between events

8/22/2016: pabulum- originally meant sustenance, whether food or intellectual
Now means bland or insipid matter, whether food or intellectual

8/19/2016: plenipotentiary- invested fully with power

8/18/2016: solidus- a forward slash mark used to denote “and or” or “per”

8/17/2016: eventuate- to come out finally

8/15/2016: filch- to appropriate furtively; to steal

8/12/2016: gossypiboma- a foreign object like gauze or a sponge left behind in a body during an operation

8/11/2016: enervate- to reduce the moral vigor or lessen the strength of

8/10/2016: pandect- 1) a complete code of laws 2) a treatise covering an entire subject

8/9/2016: corvine: of, relating to, or resembling a crow

8/8/2016: pukka- genuine or authentic

8/5/2016: objurgation- a severe rebuke or scolding

8/4/2016: logy- sluggish, groggy, lacking vitality

8/3/2016: rapporteur- person who reports at a learned society meeting

8/2/2016: diadem- a royal headband

8/1/2016: argosy- 1) a large merchant ship 2) a rich supply

7/29/2016: pandiculation- the act of stretching as a manifestation of weariness

7/27/2026: brackish- 1)somewhat salty, 2) not appealing to the taste

7/27/2016: plastron- 1) the ventral part of a tortoise shell; 2) a trimming like a bib for a women’s dress or a detachable men’s shirt front

7/26/2016: deflagrate- to burn rapidly with intense heat and sparks given off

7/25/2016: inculcate- to teach by frequent repetitions

7/22/2016: propaedeutic- preparatory study or instruction

7/21/2016: manque’- frustrated in the fulfillment of one’s aspirations

7/20/2016: quincunx- an arrangement of five things in a square or rectangle with one at each corner and one in the middle

7/19/2016: spume- frothy matter on liquids, i.e. foam or scum

7/18/2016: auctorial- of or relating to an author

7/15/2016: transpicuous- clearly seen through or understood

7/14/2016: exhort- to incite by advice or to urge strongly

7/13/2016: recusant- refusing to submit to authority

7/12/2016: bombast- pretentious inflated speech or writing

7/11/2016: legerity- alert quickness of mind or body

7/8/2016: bimillenary- period of 2,000 years

7/7/2016: spinous- 1-having spines or thorns, 2-slender and pointed like a spine, 3- difficult to handle i.e. thorny

7/6/2016: preterit- past tense

7/5/2016: abscond- to depart secretly and hide oneself

7/4/2016: antipode- the exact opposite or contrary

7/1/2016: infantilize- to cause to remain like an infant or to treat one like an infant

6/30- pridian- former or yesterday

6/29- retronym- a new term created from an existing word in order to distinguish it from the meaning that has emerged through progress or technological development (e.g., cloth diaper is a retronym necessitated by the fact that diaper now more commonly refers to a disposable diaper)

6/28- disparate- essentially different in kind

6/27- gibe- to utter taunting words

6/24- interpellate- to question formally as an official action

6/23- susurrating- making a rustling or whispering sound

6/22- pestilential- tending to cause infectious diseases

6/21- eremite- recluse or hermit

6/20- hauteur- arrogance of manner

6/22/2016: pestilential- tending to cause infectious diseases

6/20/2016: hauteur- arrogance of manner

6/17/2016: chinoiserie- a style in art or decoration reflecting Chinese qualities or motifs

6/16/2016: misprision- neglect of official duty or concealing a felony by one who did not participate

6/15/2016: inviolable- secure from violation,assault or trespass.

6/14/2016: hoick- to pull abruptly or yank

6/13/2016: haptic- based on the sense of touch

6/10/2016: fimbriated- fringed

6/9/2016: bifurcate- to divide or cause to divide into two parts or branches

6/8/2016: sedulous- involving or accomplished with careful perserverance

6/7/2016: scarify- to make scratches or small cuts in

6/6/2016: coffle-a line of slaves or animals fastened together

6/3/2016: gymkhana- a meet featuring sports contests or athletic skills with horses or automobiles

6/2/2016: eidetic-marked by or involving extraordinary accurate recall

6/1/2016: tarantism- a dancing mania or craze

5/31/2016: eclogue- a short poem usually pastoral dialogue

5/30/2016: pullulate- germinate or breed freely

5/27/2016: transmogrify- to change greatly with grotesque or humorous effect

5/26/2016: maffick- to celebrate with boisterous and hilarious behavior, esp. on occasion of a national celebration

5/25/2016: garderobe- small private room were clothes are kept

5/24/2016: hebetude-lethargy

5/23/2016: palinode- a poem that recants or retracts something from an earlier poem

5/20/2016:inspissate- to make think or thicker

5/19/2016: footle- to talk or act foolishly

5/18/2016: antaean- (1) mammoth or (2) having superhuman strength

2/3/2016: foofaraw- a disturbance over a trifle; a fuss

2/2/2016: jink- to move quickly or unexpectedly with sudden turns and shifts

2/1/2016: miscible- capable of being mixed without separation

1/29/2016: attitudinize-to pose

1/28/2016; otiose- producing no useful result

1/27/2016: golconda- a rich mine; source of great wealth

1/26/2016: sop- a conciliatory bride, gift or gesture

1/25/2016: uxorial- of or relating to a wife

1/22/2016; tatterdemalion- dilapidated

1/21/2016: traduce- to expose to shame by means of falsehood

1/20/2016: rectitude- morally correct behavior or thinking

1/19/2016: nugatory- inconsequential

1/18/2016: jehu- a fast or reckless cab driver

1/15/2016: loquacious- talkative; wordy

1/14/2016: zeitgeber- an agent that provides the stimulus setting a biological clock

1/13/2016: chapfallen- to have ones jaw hanging loosely or depressed

1/12/2016: proffer- to present for acceptance or propose

1/11/2016: immure- to enclose within

1/8/2016: diapason- a burst of sound

1/7/2016: fantod- a state of tension and uneasiness

1/6/2016: quodlibet- an exercise in philosophical discussion

1/5/2016: asseverate- to affirm or declare earnestly

1/4/2016: ranivorous- that which eats frogs; mainly used for animals

1/1/2016: logorrhea- extreme talkativeness

12/31/2015: quean- an impudent or ill-behaved girl

12/30/2015: turdiform- having or taking the form of a songbird

12/29/2015: rigmarole- a lengthy and complicated procedure

12/28/2015: fard- facial cosmetics

12/23/2015: canoodle- to hug and kiss amorously

12/22/2015: folderol- nonsensical fuss

12/21/2015: formication- the sensation of insects crawling over the skin

12/18/2015: gobemouche- a highly gullible person

12/17/2015: pratfall- to fall on one’s buttocks

12/16/2015: crore- ten million

12/15/2015: malarkey- meaningless talk, nonsense

12/14/2015: pandiculation-the act of stretching and yawning, especially on awakening

12/11/2015: cattywampus- askew or awry

12/10/2015: widdershins- counterclockwise

12/9/2015: bumfuzzle- confuse or perplex

12/8/2015: morass- a complicated situation, or area of ground

12/7/2015: cupidity- greed for money or possessions

12/4/2015: obstreperous- noisy and difficult to control

12/3/2015: recalcitrant- having an obstinately uncooperative attitude toward authority

12/2/2015: cabotage- the right to control air, sea, and other transport within a particular country

12/1/2015: pitchkettled- puzzled

11/30/2015: assiduity- persistent personal attention

11/27/2015: catarrh- excessive buildup of mucus in the throat

11/26/2015: grammarcy- thank you

11/25/2015: woodness- insanity

11/24/2015: woebegone- miserable in appearance

11/23/2015: glabrous- free from hair if skin or free from down if leaf or feather

11/20/2015: catoptromancy- foretelling the future by means of crystal ball or mirror

11/19/2015: paraph- a flourish after a signature, originally against forgery

11/18/2015: hallux- a person’s big toe

11/17/2015: autotomy- the casting off of a body part by an animal under threat

11/16/2015: gasconade- extravagant boasting

11/13/2015: anopisthograph- something with writing on one side

11/12/2015: thalassic- relating to the sea

11/11/2015: obnubilate- to darken or obscure

11/10/2015: turophile- a lover or connoisseur of cheese

11/9/2015: ecdysiast- striptease performer

11/6/2015: amphibology- a phrase or sentence that is grammatically ambiguous

11/5/2015: pother- a commotion or fuss

11/4/2015: ustad- an expect or highly skilled person; especially of the arts

11/3/2015: otalgia- earache

11/2/2015: dight- clothed or equipped; (make ready for use)

10/30/2015: perfidiousness- betrayal of trust

10/29/2015: pinguid- resembling fat; oily or greasy

10/28/2015: incrassate- thickened in form or consistency

10/27/2015: concinnity- elegance or neatness of a literary style

10/26/2015: serac- the pinnacle of a glacier

10/23/2015: eucatastrophe- a happy ending

10/22/2015: rubiginous- rust colored

10/21/2015: omphalos- the center or hub of something

10/20/2015: anfractuous- winding or circuitous

10/19/2015: merrythought- the furcula of a fowl’s breast; now commonly called the wishbone

10/16/2015: famulus- an assistant or attendant for a magician or conjurer

10/15/2015: opsimath- one who begin to study or learn only late in life

10/14/2015: noyade- an execution carried out by drowning

10/13/2015: luculent- (of speech or writing) clearly expressed

10/12//2015: croze- a groove at the end of a cask or barrel in which the head is fixed

10/9//2015: defervescence- the abatement of a fever indicated by bodily temperature

10/8/2015: deasil- clockwise

10/7/2015: anguilliform- resembling or shaped like an eel

10/6/2015: wabbit- exhausted; perhaps because you’re slightly unwell

10/5/2015: mimsy- rather prim or over-restrained

10/2/2015: patulous- spreading; of the branches of a tree

10/1/2015: aa- a kind of basaltic volcanic lava that forms jagged masses with a rough texture

9/30/2015: velleity- an inclination not strong enough to lead to action

9/29/2015: tiffin- a light meal, usually lunch

9/28/2015: ogdoad- a group or set of eight

9/25/2015: deipnosophist- a master of the dining experience

9/24/2015: chiliad- a thousand things or a thousand years

9/23/2015: noctambulist- sleepwalker

9/22/2015: degust- to taste food or drink carefully so as to fully appreciate it

9/21/2015: peterman- a safecracker

9/18/2015: stercoraceous- consisting of or resembling feces

9/17/2015: operose- involving much industry or effort

9/16/2015: natation- swimming

9/15/2015: bruxism- the involuntary or habitual grinding of the teeth, typically during sleep

9/14/2015: erubescent- blushing or reddening

9/11/2015: borborygmus-the rumbling and gurgling sound caused by the movement of gas in the intestines

9/10/2015: argute- shrewd

9/9/2015: adscititious- supplemental, not integral

9/8/2015: zoanthropy- delusion of a person who believes himself changed into an animal

9/7/2015: ulotrichous- having woolly or crispy hair

9/4/2015: kakorrhaphiophobia- the fear of failure

9/3/2015: jentacular- pertaining to breakfast

9/2/2015: macrosmatic- denoting an abnormally keen olfactory sense

9/1/2015: impignorate- to pawn or mortgage something

8/31/2015: agastopia- admiration of a particular part of someone’s body

8/28/2015: pauciloquent- that which uses few words in speech or conversation

8/27/2015: nudiustertian- of the day before yesterday

8/26/2015: quire- 25 sheets of paper; 1/20th of a ream

8/25/2015: erinaceous- of, pertaining to, or resembling a hedgehog

8/24/2015: bibble- (1) to eat or drink noisily (2) to imbibe often

8/21/2015: maeterlinckian- poetically symbolic; resembling the writing of Maurice Maeterlinck

8/20/2015: welkin- the sky, the upper air, the heavens, or the celestial sphere

8/19/2015: gry- the smallest unit in Locke’s proposed decimal system of linear measurement, being the tenth of a line, the hundredth of an inch, and the thousandth of a philosophical foot. Basically, a trifle.

8/18/2015: pourparler- a discussion preliminary to negotiations

8/17/2015: propinquity- the state of being close to someone or something

8/14/2015: lutherie- the making of wooden stringed musical instruments

8/13/2015: chantelaine- the mistress of a castle or fashionable household

8/12/2015: runcation- the act of weeding

8/11/2015: circumlocution- the use of many words where fewer would do, in a deliberate attempt to be evasive or vague

8/10/2015: askance- with an attitude or look of suspicion

8/7/2015: disputatious- fond of having heated arguments

8/6/2015: timorous- showing nervousness, fear, or a lack of confidence

8/5/2015: codswallop- nonsense

8/4/2015: odsbodikins- by god’s body

8/3/2015: hootenanny- an informal gathering of folk music and dancing

7/31/2015: absquatulate- leave abruptly

7/30/2015: cantankerous-bad-tempered and uncooperative

7/29/2015: mollycoddle- (v) treat someone very indulgently; (n) an effeminate man or boy

7/28/2015: syncope- the omission of letters or sounds from with in a word or phrase

7/27/2015: contumely- insulting language or treatment

7/22/2015: micromort- unit of risk measuring a one in a million probability of death

7/21/2015: hoosegow- prison

7/20/2015: ubiety- a state of existing and being localized in space

7/17/2015: opprobrious- disgraceful or shameful

7/16/2015: crudivore- an eater of raw food

7/15/2015: maunder- talk in a rambling manner or act in an idle manner

7/14/2015: flummox- perplex greatly

7/13/2015: blunderbuss- (1) short barreled large bored gun; (2) a person regarded as lacking in subtlety and precision

7/10/2015: lethologica- the inability to remember the correct word or phrase

7/9/2015: cavil- (v) to make petty objections (n) an objection of this kind

7/8/2015: inveigle- persuade by means of flattery or deception

7/7/2015: cadre- a small group of people specially trained for a particular purpose or profession

7/6/2015: debacle- a sudden failure

7/3/2015: consanguinity- kinship

7/2/2015: eldritch- weird and sinister

7/1/2015: erudition- the showing of great knowledge or learning

6/30/2015: jocosity- playfulness

6/29/2015: pablum- bland and insipid fare, entertainment, etc.

6/25/2015: spelunking- exploration of caves

6/24/2015: brouhaha- noisy overexcited critical response

6/23/2015: sanguine- cheerfully optimistic

6/22/2015: convoluted- extremely complex and difficult to follow

6/19/2015: enumerated- mentioned one by one

6/18/2015: quagmire- boggy area of land, or a hazardous situation

6/17/2015: divisive- tending to cause hostility between people

6/16/2015: forestall- prevent or obstruct

6/15/2015: narthex- an antechamber or porch in a church

6/12/2015: prognostication- the action of foretelling future events

6/11/2015: pellucid- translucently clear

6/10/2015: pensive- engaged in deep or serious thought

6/9/2015: kummerspeck- weight gained from emotional overeating

6/8/2015: nebby- overly inquiring, nosey

6/5/2015: pusillanimous- timid, lacking courage

6/4/2015: blandish- coax with words of flattery

6/3/2015: defenestration- the act of throwing someone out of a window

6/2/2015: deride-express contempt for

6/1/2015: gainsay- deny or contradict