Chris Wood, Francis Wood, Chris Brochon

Chris Wood, Francis Wood, Chris Brochon

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On the 21st Janice Stillman, editor of the Old Farmer’s Almanac talks about what is in the 2019 edition.


On December 5th, Tovah Martin is back! This time we discuss houseplants that are un-killable and ones you just have to own!

ChrisBrochonLargeChris Brochon’s Word of the Day. If you come across or know some great words, send them to me at

11/16/2018: kalokagathia- the state of bodily, morally, and spiritual wholeness; classically the ideal of gentlemanly conduct

11/15/2018: ecdemic- originating elsewhere than where it is found

11/14/2018: tmesis- the separating of a compound word with another word or words, used in informal speech for emphasis

11/13/2018: redolent- strongly reminiscent of or smelling of

11/12/2018: picayune- trifling or paltry

11/9/2018: psithurism- the sound of rustling leaves, usually moved by wind

11/8/2018: palaver- prolonged and tedious discussion

11/7/2018: rhinorrhea- runny nose

11/6/2018: exoptable- extremely desirable

11/5/2018: quiescence- a state or period of inactivity or dormancy

11/02/2018: latibulize- to hibernate

11/01/2018: ostensible- stated or appearing to be true, but not necessarily so

10/31/2018: sibilant- characterized by or making a hissing sound

10/30/2018: rencontre- 1) a chance meeting, or 2) a battle, skirmish, or duel

10/29/2018: fuliginous- sooty or dusky

10/26/2018: cryptoscopophilia- the urge to secretly look into windows of homes as passing by

10/23/2018: thanatosis- the ability to fake death in order to evade danger

10/22/2018: abcission- the natural detachment of parts of a plant

10/19/2018: neurasthenic- having nervous exhaustion;  with the inability to cope with any but the most trivial tasks

10/18/2018: emanation- 1) something which originates from a source, 2) a form of radiation given off by something

10/17/2018: avocation- a hobby or minor occupation

10/16/2018: acolyte- a follower or attendant

10/10/2018: coif- a women’s close fitting cap

10/9/2018: bestir- to make physical or mental effort; to rouse oneself

10/8/2018: acumen- keen insight or quick perception

10/5/2018: fanfaronade- arrogant bragging or boasting

10/4/2018: deign- do something that one considers to be beneath one’s dignity

10/3/2018: celerity- swiftness of movement

10/2/2018: palmar- relating to or involving the hand

10/01/2018: whimling- a weak, childish person

9/28/2018: tatterdemalion- dilapidated or tattered

9/25/2018: prink- to deck out or smarten generally one’s appearance

9/24/2018: animus- rational temper

9/21/2018: pluviophile- one who loves the rain; who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days

9/20/2018: eidetic- denoting mental images of unusual vividness or detail

9/19/2018: bezonian- a rascal, scoundrel or beggar

9/17/2018: whilom- once or formerly

9/14/2018: valetudinarian- an invalid with a tendency to hypochondria

9/13/2018: eldritch- weird, sinister, or hideous

9/12/2018: sudarium- a cloth used for wiping sweat off the face

9/10/2018: innascible- without a beginning

9/7/2018: quaquaversal- turning or dipping in every direction

9/6/2018: aberration- a wandering, the act of straying

9/5/2018: logorrhea- excessive or incoherent talking

9/3/2018: weasiness- a state of gluttony; given in to indulgence

8/31/2018: gambrinous- full of beer

8/27/2018: lapactic- a purgatory or laxative

8/24/2018: vecordious- crazy, lunatic, senseless, foolish, batty, folly, madness, etc.

8/23/2018: postern- a back door or gate, or private entrance at the side or rear

8/22/2018: absumption- the process of being wasted away or consumed

8/20/2018: resgestae- things done, deeds, accomplishments

8/17/2018: epicene- having characteristics of both sexes,  or none of either sex

8/16/2018: acescent- turning sour

8/15/2018: orgulous- haughty or showy

8/13/2018: loricate- having a hard protective crust or shell

8/10/2018: fedifragous- treacherous

8/9/2018: birl- to revolve a log in the water while standing on it

8/8/2018: affusion- the pouring of liquid, particularly baptism

8/6/2018: raddled- aged and worsened by debauchery

8/3/2018: dephlogisticate- fireproof

8/2/2018: discalced- barefooted

8/1/2018: jargogle- to befuddle or mess up

7/30/2018: fucoid- like seaweed

7/27/2018: remplissage- padding, needless filler

7/26/2018: sicarian- a murderer, specifically an assassin

7/25/2018: oneiric- of or relating to dreams

7/23/2018: bicrural- having two legs

7/20/2018: onychophagy- nail biting

7/18/2018: cepaceous- like an onion; in shape, smell, or taste

7/17/2018: sassenach- an English person

7/16/2018: reniform- kidney shaped

7/3/2018: limophoitos- insanity caused by lack of food

7/12/2018: manducate- to chew or eat; or figuratively, to make a meal out of

7/11/2018: desipient- silly or foolish

7/9/2018: polyadic- involving three or more qualities, elements, or people

7/6/2018: leptorrhine- having a long, narrow nose with close nostrils

7/5/2018: beshrew- the devil take me; metaphorically. Akin to “I swear”

7/4/2018: betwixt- between

7/2/2018: umbles-the entrails of an amimal; typically those consumed as food

6/29/2018: rhadamanthine- uncompromisingly just and completely incorruptible

6/28/2018: ailurophile- one who is abnormally fond of cats

6/27/2018: herdwick- a pasture for cattle or sheep

6/25/2018: maderise- to become flat in taste

6/21/2018: griffonage- illegible scribble or careless handwriting

6/20/2018: halitus- an exhalation or breath

6/18/2018: kippage-  a state of commotion or confusion

6/15/2018: anechoic- having no echo

6/14/2018: gargalesis- hard, laugh inducing tickling

6/13/2018: knismesis- light, featherlike tickling

6/11/2018: urticant- causing stinging or itching

6/8/2018: drapetomania- the intense desire to run away from home or a situation

6/7/2018: vestige- a trace or remnant of something that is disappearing or gone

6/6/2018: wamble- a disturbance of the stomach

6/4/2018: succussion- a vigorous shaking

6/1/2018: arcipluvian- many colored

5/31/2018: hyponychial- under the finger or toe nails

5/30/2018: orarian- a dweller by the seashore

5/28/2018: virago- a domineering, violent, or bad-tempered woman

5/25/2018: ostrobogulous- something that is bizarre, interesting, or unusual in some way; it can also be used to describe something risque, indecent, or pornographic

5/24/2018: commensal- eating together

5/21/2018: solation- the liquefaction of a gel

5/18/2018: abligurition- extravagance in cooking and serving

5/17/2018: perfidy- the state of being faithless or an act of disloyalty

5/16/2018: otiose- idle or lazy

5/9/2018: forficula- small scissors or shears

5/7/2018: deshabille- the state of being partly or carelessly dressed

5/4/2018: flabellation-the use of a fan to cool something or someone

5/3/2018:verecund-modest, shy, or bashful

5/2/2018: indocible- unteachable

4/23/2018: zeugma- a figure of speech in which a word applies to two others in different senses

4/20/2018: prelapsarian- the time before the fall of man

4/16/2018: profanation- that which is not related to that which is sacred; irreverent

4/13/2018: luctiferous- sad and sorry

4/12/2018: frowzy/frowsty- scruffy, neglected, dingy

4/11/2018: suant- smooth, even, or placid

4/10/2018: anosmic- the lack of smell

4/9/2018: ululation- to howl or wail as in lamentation

4/6/2018: sciapodous- having feet large enough to be used as umbrellas

4/5/2018: fubbery-cheating or deception

4/4/2018: sursaut- all of a sudden

4/2/2018: punctilious- attention to detail or correct behavior

3/30/2018: engastrimyth- ventriloquist

3/29/2018: glebous- full of clods

3/26/2018: enodate- unknot

3/23/2018: babelavante- one who makes feeble jokes or blabbers

3/22/2018: runagate- one who has run away

3/21/2018: ossature- resembling a skeleton

3/19/2018: percipient- perceiving keenly

3/16/2018: ludification- derision or deception

3/14/2018: profligacy- reckless extravagance or licentious behavior

3/12/2018: edentulous- not having any teeth

3/9/2018: callypygian- having beautiful buttocks

3/8/2018: hough- the hollow at the back of the knee

3/7/2018: horripilation- goosebumps

3/5/2018: snudge- to look busy when actually doing nothing

3/2/2018:suzerainty- control by a sovereign state over another

3/1/2018: (a)meliorate- make better

2/28/2018: presbyopia- vision difficulty caused by loss of lens elasticity

2/26/2018: dolor- sorrow or grief

2/23/2018: encephalalgia- headache

2/22/2018: ataractic- able to calm or tranquillize

2/21/2018: mazuma- money

2/19/2018: saturnine- gloomy

2/16/2018: xenodocheinology- an abnormal fascination with hotels

2/15/2018: puerperal- of or connected to childbirth

2/14/2018: seriation- arranged in a series according to criteria

2/12/2018: cogitation- meditation or contemplation

2/9/2018: oblectation- pleasure, satisfaction, or delight

2/8/2018: ullage- the volume by which a container falls short of being full

2/7/20418: fealty- loyalty or the oath of such

2/5/2018: mollify- to make soft

2/2/2018: micturation- urinating

2/1/2018: bathetic- incredibly commonplace or excessively sentimental

1/31/2018: syncretistic- seeking to identify common features to merge into one

1/29/2018: quandam or quondam- of an earlier time

1/26/2018: ameliorate- make better

1/25/2018: peculate- embezzle or steal

1/22/2018: fatuous- silly and pointless

1/19/2018: paradiastole- a half-truth

1/18/2018: pleonasm- the use of more words than necessary to convey a meaning

1/17/2018: myopic – lack of foresight

1/15/2018: cogitate- to think deeply about

1/12/2018: laevorotatory- counterclockwise

1/11/2018: dimerous- consisting of two parts or groups

1/10/2018: chivvy- to tell someone to do something repeatedly

1/8/2018: stertorous- noisy and labored

1/5/2018: circumambagious- an indirect manner of speech

1/4/2018: desiderate- to feel a desire for something absent

1/3/2018: dipsomaniac- alcoholic

1/1/2018: askance- a look of suspicion or disapproval