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Chris Wood, Francis Wood, Chris Brochon

Chris Wood, Francis Wood, Chris Brochon

The Call Flo Radio Show was recognized as ‘Best Morning Show’ in the small market division by the Virginia Association of Broadcasters in 2012, 2014 & 2015!  

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Tune in weekdays beginning at 8:05 AM to WFLO AM and FM for the Call Flo Radio Show! Your hosts Francis Wood, along with Chris Wood, and Christopher Brochon, will bring you the show! Whether its the good news, birthdays and anniversaries, the word of the day, or comments concerning local, state or national news events, join us on CALL FLO. We would love to hear from you! The contact numbers for The Call Flo Radio Show are 434-392-8881 (local) or 1-800-825-5356 (long distance).

Upcoming Interviews with Christopher 


On April 4th, Dr. Claudia Black is our guest as we talk about the “Unspoken Legacy” of trauma and addiction within the family and how the effects can reverberate for generations.

On April 11th we’ll talk about the Friends of the Farmville/Prince Edward Library teaming up with Longwood’s Greenwood Library to celebrate “Poem in Your Pocket Day” on Thursday, April 26th.

April 11th is Holocaust Remembrance Day. On the 18th, award winning journalist Peter Goldon will talk with me about his new book on the holocaust, “Nothing is Forgotten”.

On the Horizon

“The Earhart Enigma” about Amelia Earhart’s disappearance

“The Crash of Little Eva”, a World War Two survival story

ChrisBrochonLargeChris Brochon’s Word of the Day. If you come across or know some great words, send them to me at

3/22/2018: runagate- one who has run away

3/21/2018: ossature- resembling a skeleton

3/19/2018: percipient- perceiving keenly

3/16/2018: ludification- derision or deception

3/14/2018: profligacy- reckless extravagance or licentious behavior

3/12/2018: edentulous- not having any teeth

3/9/2018: callypygian- having beautiful buttocks

3/8/2018: hough- the hollow at the back of the knee

3/7/2018: horripilation- goosebumps

3/5/2018: snudge- to look busy when actually doing nothing

3/2/2018:suzerainty- control by a sovereign state over another

3/1/2018: (a)meliorate- make better

2/28/2018: presbyopia- vision difficulty caused by loss of lens elasticity

2/26/2018: dolor- sorrow or grief

2/23/2018: encephalalgia- headache

2/22/2018: ataractic- able to calm or tranquillize

2/21/2018: mazuma- money

2/19/2018: saturnine- gloomy

2/16/2018: xenodocheinology- an abnormal fascination with hotels

2/15/2018: puerperal- of or connected to childbirth

2/14/2018: seriation- arranged in a series according to criteria

2/12/2018: cogitation- meditation or contemplation

2/9/2018: oblectation- pleasure, satisfaction, or delight

2/8/2018: ullage- the volume by which a container falls short of being full

2/7/20418: fealty- loyalty or the oath of such

2/5/2018: mollify- to make soft

2/2/2018: micturation- urinating

2/1/2018: bathetic- incredibly commonplace or excessively sentimental

1/31/2018: syncretistic- seeking to identify common features to merge into one

1/29/2018: quandam or quondam- of an earlier time

1/26/2018: ameliorate- make better

1/25/2018: peculate- embezzle or steal

1/22/2018: fatuous- silly and pointless

1/19/2018: paradiastole- a half-truth

1/18/2018: pleonasm- the use of more words than necessary to convey a meaning

1/17/2018: myopic – lack of foresight

1/15/2018: cogitate- to think deeply about

1/12/2018: laevorotatory- counterclockwise

1/11/2018: dimerous- consisting of two parts or groups

1/10/2018: chivvy- to tell someone to do something repeatedly

1/8/2018: stertorous- noisy and labored

1/5/2018: circumambagious- an indirect manner of speech

1/4/2018: desiderate- to feel a desire for something absent

1/3/2018: dipsomaniac- alcoholic

1/1/2018: askance- a look of suspicion or disapproval

12/22/2017: cacodaemon- a malignant ghost or spirit

12/21/2017: supernal- coming from on high

12/20/2017: ventage- a small outlet or hole

12/18/2017: eumoirous- happy as a result of being good

12/15/2017: diamantiferous- yielding diamonds

12/14/2017: lurdane- dull and lazy

12/13/2017: menseful- neat or clean

12/11/2017: umbo- the cap of a toadstool or the knob on a shell

12/8/2017: supernaculum- a drink of high quality, fit for drinking to the last drop, usually alcoholic

12/7/2017: cachinnate- to laugh loudly

12/4/2017: undergrope- to understand or conceive

12/1/2017: necromorphous- faking death to deter an aggressor

11/30/2017: ruinous- Mean, Nasty, Or Contemptible

11/29/2017: brimborion- something useless or nonsensical

11/27/2017: esculent- fit to be eaten

11/24/2017: latifundian- rich in real estate

11/22/2017: viduity- widowhood

11/20/2017: quondam- that once was

11/17/2017: elapidation- the clearing of stones

11/16/2017: lalochezia- emotional relief gained by using indecent language

11/15/2017: fossick- search, as rummaging

11/13/2017: slubber- to stain, sully, or dirty something

11/10/2017: dendrophilous- living in trees

11/9/2017: demersal- sinking to the bottom

11/8/2017: ruderal- surviving on waste product

11/6/2017: bothan- a booth, hut, or shed

11/3/2017: zeigarnik- the tendency to remember an uncompleted task

11/2/2017: lallation- imperfect speech, especially the sounds of babies

11/1/2017: thible- spatula

10/30/2017: lepid- charming, amiable, or elegant

10/27/2017: bradykinetic- moving very slowly

10/26/2017:quaggle- quivering

10/23/2017: prescind- to cut off abruptly or leave out of consideration

10/20/2017: pleniloquence- excessive speaking

10/19/2017: impavid- fearless, unafraid

10/18/2017: xenium- a present given to a guest

10/16/2017: dapatical- sumptuous

10/13/2017: sententious- moralizing in a pompous manner

10/12/2017: librate- to oscillate or swing side to side

10/11/2017: frippet- a frivolous or showy young women

10/9/2017: torrefy- to parch or scorch

10/6/2027: Pogonophobia- a morbid dread of beards

10/5/2017: contrude- to push, thrust, or crowd together

10/4/2017: anfractuous- circuitous

10/2/2017: umbo- the knob on a toadstool or shell

9/29/2017: funambulist- tightrope walker

9/28/2017: pedagogus- one who accompanies children to school or home schools them

9/25/2017: cognomen- an extra personal name, like a nickname, usually passed from father to son

9/22/2017: minimifidianism- having a quantum of faith or belief in

9/21/2017: pisiform- pea shaped

9/20/2017: azoic- lifeless

9/18/2017: pejorative- expressing contempt or disapproval

9/15/2017: fomenter- to stir up trouble or instigate or incite

9/14/2017: cunctator- one who delays or lingers

9/13/2017: invective- insulting, abusive, or critical language

9/11/2017: saxify- to turn to stone or petrified

9/8/2017: anopisthographic- having writing or printing on only one side

9/7/2017: quiescent- in a state of dormancy

9/6/2017: perfidious- deceitful and untrustworthy

9/4/2017: peroration- the end of a speech, typically to inspire the audience

9/1/2017: vaccimulgence- cow milking

8/31/2017: apostate- one who renounce a political or religious belief or principle

8/30/2017: bedizened- dressed up

8/28/2017: ague- an illness involving a fever or shivering fit

8/25/2017: sonoluminescence- the emission of short bursts of light from imploding bubbles in a liquid

8/24/2017: wem- a stain, flaw, or scar on something

8/21/2017: demit- resign

8/18/2017: cromnyomancy- fortune telling with onions

8/17/2017: recto- a right hand page or on the right leaf

8/16/2017: lignin- wooden or woody

8/14/2017: clavis- glossary of a book or key of a map, used for interpretation

8/11/2017: acephalous- headless

8/10/2017: zarf- a holder for a hot cup

8/9/2-17: advertorial: an advertisement that presents information as if it is an editorial

8/7/2017: labefy- to weaken

8/4/2017: consarcination- patching

8/3/2017: frab- scold, harass, or nag

8/2/2017: quop- to throb, pulsate, or beat

7/31/2017: dolorous- feeling or expressing great sorrow or distress

7/28/2017: lentiginous- freckle

7/27/2017: anacamptic- reflecting or reflected

7/26/2017: rafty- rancid, stale, or musty

7/24/2017: gallionic- careless or irresponsible

7/21/2017: molendinaceous- like a windmill

7/20/2017: glink- to look at slyly or sideways

7/19/2017: ostler- a stableboy

7/17/2017: yarely- avidly or readily

7/14/2017: manavelins- leftovers

7/13/2017: kippage- a state of commotion or confusion

7/12/2017: owling- the act of smuggling wool or sheep

7/10/2017: percuss- to strike violently or in medical terms to gently tap

7/7/2017: castrametation- laying out or planning a camp

7/6/2017: galp- to yawn or gape

7/5/2017: viator-a traveler

7/3/2017: otiant- dormant or unemployed

6/30/2017: dromomania- an uncontrollable compulsive urge to travel

6/29/2017: tabefy- to waste away

6/28/2017: transvase- to pour out of one container into another

6/26/2017: clabber- curdled milk, or to curdle

6/22/2017: breme- fierce, severe, and cruel

6/21/2017: biduous- lasting two days

6/19/2017: tirl- to turn, revolve, or twirl

6/16/2017: agathokakological- composed of both good and evil

6/15/2017: relict- widowed or the last of a vanished species

6/14/2017: insulse- tasteless, flat, or insipid

6/12/2017: foozle- to bungle or fumble

6/9/2017: invaletudinary- unhealthy

6/8/2017: copious- abundant or extensive in quantity

6/7/2017: valgus- bow-legged

6/5/2017: coruscate- a flash or sparkle

6/2/2017: brummagem- phony or cheap

6/1/2017: otosis- a hearing malfunction

5/31/2017: hapless- unfortunate

5/29/2017: girn- snarl

5/26/2017: sempervirent- evergreen

5/25/2017: footle- to waste time or talk nonsense

5/24/2017: amort- as if dead or lifeless

5/22/2017: thoke- idle; especially in bed

5/19/2017: preantepenultimate- the fourth from last

5/18/2017: lacuna- a gap, or cavity

5/17/2017: Onde-strong feeling against a person

5/8/2017: bibliophage- a devoured of books

5/5/22017: amphigouri- the original name for a nonsense-verse, like a limerick

5/4/2017: morosoph- a would-be philosopher or learned fool

5/3/2017: book-bosomed- someone who can not leave the house without a book

5/1/2017: sile- to conceal, deceive, or filter

4/28/2017:fatiferous- destructive or deadly by fate

4/27/2017: ovant- triumphant, as in an ovation

4/26/2017: eagre- a sudden tidal flood

  • 4/25/2017: hent- to seize, carry away, or to grab
  • 4/24/2017: carfax-an intersection of at least 4 roads
  • 4/21/2017: barythymia- nervousness
  • 4/20/2-17: crine- to shrink or shrivel up
  • 4/19/2017: pert- saucily free or forward
  • 4/18/2017: fatuous- complacently stupid or inane
  • 4/17/2017: staid- sedate, or unadventurous
  • 4/14/2017: rebarbative- repellent, repulsive, revolting, or altogether unattractive
  • 4/13/2017: scurrilous- 1) making or spreading scandalous claims of someone with the intention of damaging their reputation 2) humorously insulting
  • 4/12/2017: obsequies- obedient or attentive to a servile degree
  • 4/10/2017: overweening- arrogant, presumptuous or immoderate
  • 4/7/2017: gomphiasis- a tooth ache
  • 4/6/2017: euphonious- a sound, particularly speech, that is pleasing to the ear
  • 4/5/2017: dragoon- to subjugate by harsh troops or to force into submission by violent measures
  • 4/3/2017: dreadnought- 1)a battleship 2)the largest of its kind 3) a warm think cloth
  • 3/31/2017: adumbrated- 1) outlined or 2) foreshadowed
  • 3/30/2017: adumbrate- to foreshadow, suggest, or intimate
  • 3/29/2017: gravitate- 1) to move under gravitation 2) to move toward or to be drawn to by natural inclination
  • 3/27/2017: bombinate- buzz or drone
  • 3/24/2017: cacestogenous- caused by an unfavorable home environment
  • 3/23/2017: envisage-to view or regard in certain way

3/22/2017: quantal- of, relating to, or having only two experimental outcomes

3/20/2017: belie- 1) to give a false impression 2) to present an appearance not in agreement with 3) to show to be wrong 4) to disguise

3/17/2017 deleterious- causing harm or damage

3/16/2017: coalesce- 1) to grow together or 2) to unite into a whole

3/15/2017: carrefour- crossroads or a square or plaza

3/13/2017: pericope- an extract from a text

3/10/2017:malneirophrenia- depression following a nightmare

3/9/2017: commove- 1) to move violently or 2) to excite to passion

3/8/2017: flout- to treat with disregard or to scorn

3/3/2017: embonpoint- the plump essentially of a person

3/2/2017: enthrall- to hold in slavery or to hold spellbound

2/24/2017: sprachgefuhl- an intuitive sense of what is linguistically appropriate

2/23/2017: snivel- 1)to run at the nose 2)to cry or whine with snuffling 3) to speak in a weak emotional manner

2/22/2017: ferrule- a metal ring or cap placed at the end of a shaft or handle to strengthen it or bind it to another

2/20/2017: lade- to load, burden, or to ladle

2/17/2017: multifarious- having many kinds of parts or elements or being of great diversity

2/16/2017: abnegate- 1) to deny 2) to renounce 3) to surrender 4) to relinquish

2/15/2017: beguile- 1) to deceive 2)to draw notice to by wiles 3) to cause to pass pleasantly

2/13/2017: errant- 1) traveling or 2) moving aimlessly

2/10/2017: chiropteran- an order of night flying mammals with forelimbs modified to form wings

2/9/2017: proliferate- to grown or increase rapidly

2/8/2017: probity- adherence to the highest principles and ideals

2/6/2017: chawbacon- bumpkin or hick

2/3/2017: antonomasia- the use of an epithet or title in place of a proper name

2/2/2017: laconic- using a minimum of words

2/1/2017: moue- a grimace or pout

1/30/2017: welkin- the vault of the sky or the upper atmosphere

1/27/2017: commodious- comfortably spacious or roomy

1/26/2017: desuetude- discontinuance of use

1/25/2017: overnumerousness- the condition of being too numerous

1/23/2017: nepenthe- a potion used to forget pain or sorrow

1/20/2017: grandiloquent- pompous or bombastic speaking

1/19/2017: egregious- conspicuously bad

1/18/2017: epigone- follower or disciple

1/16/2017: putative- commonly accepted or assumed to exist

1/13/2017:lachrymose- given to tears or weeping

1/12/2017: indagate- to look into or investigate

1/11/2017: remora- hindrance or drag

1/9/2017: claque- a group hired to applaud

1/6/2017: obstreperous- difficult to deal with

1/5/2017: festinate- hasty

1/3/2017: petillant-sparkling

1/2/2017: vitiate- to make faulty or defective, to debase in moral or aesthetic status