Farmville Garbage Route Changes for Memorial Day

With Monday, May 28th being Memorial Day there will be no residential or business garbage pickup, cardboard pickup or miscellaneous/brush pickup on this day.  Monday and Tuesdays residential garbage will be picked up on Tuesday, May 29th.  Please have your rollouts at the curb by 7:00 am that morning.  Business garbage and cardboard will be picked up on Tuesday and Friday this week only.  Miscellaneous/brush call-ins will be picked up on Tuesday.  Business recycling and residential cardboard call-ins will be picked up on Wednesday.  If there are any questions, please call the Public Works Dept. at 392-3331.  Have a safe holiday.


Monday, May 28th      No residential, business or call-in pickup

Tuesday, May 29th      Monday & Tuesday residential garbage pickup, miscellaneous

call-in.  Business garbage and cardboard pickup.

Wed., May 30th           Regular residential garbage pickup.  Business recycling and residential cardboard                                          call-in.  No business garbage or cardboard pickup

Thurs., May 31st          Regular routes

Friday, June 1st            Business garbage and cardboard

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