Farmville, VA: On December 18, 2019, Officer Taylor P. Roberts graduated from the Central Virginia Criminal Justice Training Academy in Lynchburg, Va., receiving top honors for her academic accomplishments throughout the Academy.

The basic law enforcement curriculum encompasses 910 hours of instruction conducted throughout twenty-two weeks. The Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Services has established 186 performance outcomes with 1,402 objectives. Classes cover a wide array of topics reflecting the complexity of modern-day law enforcement, such as criminal law, defensive tactics, report writing, officer survival, sexual harassment, first aid, defensive driving, hazardous materials, accident investigation, narcotics, crime scene investigation, crisis intervention, and family violence.

This graduating class received twenty-three tests, numerous quizzes and a final exam with approximately 800 questions on various classroom subjects. For each test students reviewed questions answered incorrectly and were re-tested. All students were required to achieve a final score of 100 percent on each test.

The academic distinction award recognizes the long hours of study and effort by the student achieving the highest average initial score on all academic tests and the final exam.

Chief Ellington stated, “Officer Roberts is now the fourth Farmville Police Officer to receive this prestigious award.  I cannot express how proud I am of her accomplishment. As a Chief/Coach, I feel as if we have received the number 1 draft pick of 2019”. 

Officer Roberts will now continue her training process by completing 12 weeks of field training, with a certified field training officer.

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